Home News Annual Inflation Rate Australia rise up to 3.8%

Annual Inflation Rate Australia rise up to 3.8%


There has been a sudden inflation rate that is being seen in Australia which is for annually as it has jumped from 1.1% for the twelfth March, then came the quarter of June has been responsible for the jump in the United States which has come out to be 5.4% and there has also been a jump in New Zealand which has come out to be 3.3% which has started off to spark a detail in the pundits in the world as it is being stated by Larry Summers who the secretary for the US treasury and is also a noble prize winner naming Paul Krugman as they are stating that high inflation rate is finally coming back and it is coming after playing dead for years.

Annual Inflation Rate Australia

Annual Inflation Rate Australia

The best advice that has been given is that it’s better not to worry as these jumps are going to be temporary as the result is off several times, and it has also been stated in May by the Reserve Bank that this has been the cause of the depth that has been faced because of the covid lockdowns that have affected the world which has pushed the price from effective to actually zero but it is going to be temporary.


It has been stated that the prices of petrol have seen big jumps because of the lockdown which happened last year and since then they have returned to the levels of pre-covid which has been stated that it is not going to be repeated, they also stated that the jumps in the prices of vegetables and fruits have also been the reason for the covid-19 and it seems like that this is also going to happen 1 time.

It is what has been happening in other countries too as it has been stated by International Settlements that the common inflation rates that have been seen in recent times are going to be temporary, It is expected that the inflation rate is going to be back to 2% which is going to be happening at the end of the year and most of the economists are agreeing to this broadly and it seems like that covid has affected the world in so many ways that it is going to go in the history as one of the life-changing scenarios for the world.

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