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Ankush Bahuguna Sister Aisha Passes Away At 36


Ankush Bhaguna who is an actor has announced the death of his sister who has passed away at the age of 36 as he took Instagram to share the news with everyone, she has died because of kidney failure, He is not just an actor, he is also a content creator and he is pretty active when it comes to social media, he stated on his official Instagram handle on Saturday that his sister has died, he announced that his sister has passed away at the age of 36 due to kidney failure and he posted a series of pictures that also included one of his childhood pictures.

Ankush Bahuguna Sister Aisha

Ankush Bahuguna Sister Aisha Death Reason

He stated indicating the pictures that it was her side of the bed, he stated, his sister left them yesterday leaving their lives empty, he further stated he couldn’t meet in her in the last few minutes, he stated he was in Mumbai only and he rushed and reached just in time for her burial, he further stated how are they going to consume the fact that she has left them, he stated she was suffering from kidney failure and her body was also dependent upon dialysis which she has been going through for the past 2 years.


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He further stated that there is so much about his life that she didn’t know as he was questioning how can he tell her now, he further stated, it is killing him from inside as she is not with him, he further stated that he is hoping that she can breathe finally and can be free, she can also eat as much junk food as she wants now and is there with God.

He further stated that he has no belief in God but if the people he stated this to do then they can pray for her and his family as he stated that his parents have lost a child and they need all the support they can receive from the people.

Also, a beautiful thing that was being done by the actor in the Covid-19 situation, he has been making good use of his reach on social media as he is connecting donors with plasma recipients by talking to the people who were getting in touch with him on social media and he has been spreading awareness through many videos about the same so that people can get some help in these desperate times.

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