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Who Is Angela Dawn Flores? Hillside Mom Accused of Murdering 3 Kids


Who Is Angela Dawn Flores? Hillside Mom Accused of Murdering 3 Kids: The bond between a mother and children is unbreakable and very sensitive in society. Recently we celebrated mother’s day on 08 May 2022, and a mother can do anything for her children. A piece of news is getting more attention on the social media platform. A lady alleged of murdered her 3 children and her name is viral on multiple sources. Angela Dawn Flores is a citizen of Los Angeles, California, the United States of America. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Angela Dawn Flores

Who Is Angela Dawn Flores?

By the time the news was imprinted. The viewers said, these kinds of people also live in our society and are also showing another face of women before society. People are not believing that it could have happened. some of the female users said that I have 2 children. After reading this news, both children are casting a doubtful eye at their mother. During the investigation, cops find out some evidence but it has not been revealed in the media. people are bent on seeking to know the exact motive and cause of their death. The kids were a 12-year-old girl and two 8 years old twin boys. The cause of death is not clear yet. A news channel with the name CBS identified the children as Natalie Flores 12 years old, Kevin Yanez, and Natha Yanez both were 8 years old.

Angela Dawn Flores: Mom Accused of Murdering 3 Kids

On May 8, 2022, for Log Angeles Police Department was shocked after receiving a radio call. A patrol officer responded to a 911 radio call of a deadly weapon suspect at a residence in the 22500 block of “Victory Blvd”. The Department of Los Angles police wrote in a news release. As soon as possible officers reached the location which has given through 911 on the radio, and they found three unresponsive people inside the location. They all were kind, one of them was 12 years old and further two were twin and 8 years old. The police of Los Angles shared it with the media.

Angela Dawn Flores: 5 Facts You Need To Know

According to some sources, Angela Dawn Flores was arrested for three cases of section 187(a) PC, Murder, and sent to Van Nuys Jail. If she demands bail in that case she has to pay $6,000,000. There was another case judged in the same court which relates same as the previous case. The 16- year-old subject was arrested for one case of 187(a) PC, Murder, and he will not file a petition for bail against that case. Later the police said This case will be presented to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office for filing consideration.

1. The DA Calls the Deaths of the Children ‘Truly Horrific & Tragic’

2. Angela Dawn Flores Is a Mother of Seven

3. Angela Dawn Flores Described Herself as a ‘Model and Digital Creator

Angela Dawn Flores

4. A Neighbor Heard an Angela Dawn Flores Holding a Candle & Bible Screaming

Angela Dawn Flores

5. Angela Dawn Flores Three Children Ages 8 to 12 Were Found Dead

Angela Dawn Flores

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