Bayyarapu Prasada Rao who was the former Director-General of Police of Andhra Pradesh has suffered from a massive cardiac arrest as he was in the Unites States of America in the early hours on Monday.

Bayyarapu Prasada Rao

DGP Bayyarapu Prasada Rao Death Reason

He has been an IPS officer as he has been part of the 1974 batch and the officer complained about the chest pain that he was having and was eager to go to the hospital but as the took it’s time to reach him at his premises, it was too late for him as he took his last breath on Monday at 1:00 am.

He took the charge as he became the DGP in the month of November in 2013 as he became the head of the police force after his predecessor retired from the job V. Dinesh Reddy and he then carried the responsibility for an year of being the head of the police force and then retired from the job in the year 2014.

He has held many of the posts that have been full of responsibility and all about serving the country in the best possible manner as prior to being the DGP, he has also been the Director-General of the Anti Corruption Bureau and after the state went from a bifurcation, he then held the post of Secretary in the ministry of home affairs.

His father was a police officer and he started his journey from the Guntur district as he served in many of the key postings as he was superintendent of police, Karimnagar, Nalgonda, and Nizamabad Districts and has been the commissioner of police  Cyberabad, Hyderabad, and Visakhapatnam.

He has also been the vice-chairman and the managing director of AP State road transport corporation. he has also been the commandant of the central industrial security force at Bhopal and Visakhapatnam. He has also served as the DIG  of the Eluru and Kurnool ranges, Additional DG (logistics and provisioning), and Additional DG (law and order).

He has also been awarded the Indian Police medal for his services in the year 1997 and has also received the president police medal for his services in the year 2006. For the post-retirement, he has been a professor in physics and has been the director at Bharat Institutions which is in Hyderabad. He has also authored a book naming ‘word power to mind power in which he has taught a unique way which can make your vocabulary really good.

He is going to be immortal as he has served the country without any demands and people like him are needed more in this world and we hope that he receives peace in the afterlife.


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