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Who Is Anastasia Lena Miss Ukraine, Model Joins The Army – Age, Instagram, and, more!


Who Is Anastasia Lena Miss Ukraine, Model Joins The Army – Age, Instagram, and, more!: Currently, the people of Ukraine are going through a tough time since the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has started military operations in Ukraine that changed the lives of people of Ukraine resulting as Miss Ukraine has joined her country’s army to contribute from the side of her country in the war. Anastasia Lena is the name of Miss Ukraine who recently joined the Ukrainian army to encourage and motivate the people of her country to come fore and serve in the fight against one of the superpowers of the world. Since this news broke out on the internet people are eager to learn about Anastasia Lena, we have come up with this article to tell you everything about the ongoing conflict between two nations and Anastasia Lena’s social media accounts. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Anastasia Lena

Who Is Anastasia Lena Miss Ukraine?

Since the conflict has begun between Ukraine and Russia numerous images are being circulating on every platform of social media in which stressed families, crying children, and citizens saying goodbye to each other can be seen. At this time people are breathing in a panic environment throughout the world especially in Ukraine as Moscow’s army has invaded the capital of Ukraine Kyiv and now people are jetting to flee the country due to the frightening situation in the country. While some are coming fore to assist the Ukrainian army in the fight with the powerful Russian army and a famous name is getting people’s attention who has joined the army of Ukraine whose name is Anastasia Lena as we have mentioned above.

Anastasia Lena: Model Joins The Army

Some brave people are showing their guts and courage in this horrifying time as they are stepping to go to the battlefield to save their nation from foreign threats. As the President of Ukraine has already cleared his intentions that Ukraine will not step back in this war and now an influential personality has taken the arms in her hand. Anastasia Lena has created sensational news by joining the army to assist the Ukrainian army in distressing circumstances. Previously she was crowned as a Miss Grand Ukraine.


Anastasia Lena: Age and Instagram

As per the record, over 35K women have chosen to become part of the army in the ongoing war to respond to the military operations of Moscow’s army in Kyiv. Anastasia Lena’s Instagram account has been followed by 75K followers where she has uploaded several posts to pay tributes to the Ukrainian army. And she also posted a picture in which she dressed a military uniform holding airsoft wooden rifles.

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