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ANA vs RM Live Score Euro League 2021 Anadolu Efes Istanbul vs Real Madrid Scorecard


The euro league is back with a bang as the two of the league’s titan teams will be colliding with each other, Anadolu Efes Istanbul is going to go shoulder to shoulder with Real Madrid and it seems like the match is being highly anticipated to be a rocking match by the fans and we are here for you guys to let you know about the team performances and also an analysis of both the teams to give you the match predictions that’ll be according to the statistics. Here are the match details-

ANA vs RM Live Score

ANA vs RM Live Score

ANA vs RM Match Details

  • Match- Anadolu Efes Istanbul vs Real Madrid
  • Venue- Sinan Erdem
  • Date-20th April 2021
  • Time- 10:30 Pm
  • League- Euro League 2021

Anadolu Efes Istanbul Team Preview

They are the strongest team when it comes to the league table as they are on the top of the league table. Their defense is really amazing and it is not at all easy to score points against them. The team has a lineup of pretty amazing players and it becomes more difficult to win against them when they are too good defensively. They are in tremendous form and it seems like they will continue to do so as this is what this team has been in this season, consistent.

Real Madrid Team Preview

There is no team better than them when it comes to playoff experience which is required by the team to pull off the win in today’s match against the league leaders, they have been the best when it comes to rebounding defense in the league and also they cannot afford to lose against their top competitors and the team also consists of many amazing scorers which will be a concern for the opposition.

Anadolu Efes Istanbul Line Up

  1. Sertac Sanli
  2. K. Simon
  3. Shane Larkin
  4. A. Moerman
  5. V. Micic

Real Madrid Line Up

  1. Usman Garuba
  2. W. Tavares
  3. F. Causeur
  4. N. Lapprovittola
  5. A. Abalde

Match Predictions

It seems like that the match is going to be pretty close as both the teams are doing pretty good In the league but the chances are slightly in the favor of Anadolu Efes Istanbul as they are currently ranking number 1 in the league and are more consistent than their competitors but to compensate for that Real Madrid is going to use all of their experience in order to clutch the win but it seems a little difficult for them to win so our prediction will be in the favor of Anadolu Efes Istanbul.

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