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Amodio Jeopardy September 16: ‘Jeopardy!’ Matt Amodio is Now Third In Most Successive Wins


Amodio Jeopardy September 16: It seems like Amodio is not feeling fazed by all of the criticism which he is facing on social media about his use of “what is” rather than using “who is” when he was referring to a person on the game show, the winner of Jeopardy naming Matt Amodio has welcomed all of the “what is” jokes as he was liking it.

Amodio Jeopardy September 16

Amodio Jeopardy September 16

There has been a Q& video which has been posted by the shows social media platforms, it has been responded by Amodio to the people who were criticizing him about using “what is” instead of “who is” while referring to someone, he stated people are trying to mean but it is something I like to do and criticism is something he feeds upon and he further stated he liked the banter.

He has won about 20 consecutive games when it comes to Jeopardy, he is tied with the past champ naming Julia Collins in the third spot for winning the most consecutive games, the only winners in the past who are ahead of him are Ken Jennings and James Holtzhauer.

There are people who have taken issue with the answering style of the winner, personally, it shouldn’t be something which should bother people, who care if he is “what is” instead of “who is”, this is the least to bother about when there is so much going on in the world. It is something that shouldn’t bother anyone but it seems like it is which is beyond my small intellect.

If you ask for my personal opinion, he has all the right to not even answer such irrelevant questions and allegations but he still did which is also completely fine, he stated he knows the rules of Jeopardy inside out, he has watched so many episodes of the show, he knows what is acceptable and what is not, he stated he found the simplest approach and he went on with it.

He has stated it has been a bit much for him as people have been reacting to his win in the show and there are so many messages which he is receiving regarding the same on his social media platforms, he has stated on Twitter, all of the people when it comes to Jeopardy Twitter community, thanks for the support.

It seems like he is handling the situation with utmost calmness and decency, he is not getting affected by the criticism, people should get affected if they are being provided with constructive criticism but irrelevant criticism is something that should be ignored.

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