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Ames Homicide: Police Investigate Halloween Party Shooting Death In Ames


Ames Homicide: Police Investigate Halloween Party Shooting Death In Ames: Crimes are spreading all around the world just like a flood and this is so disheartening to write on these homicides news. This tells us that how people are becoming so cruel and taking the life of someone is so easy for them all. So we recently got the news that a man was killed at the tike while he was enjoying the Halloween party. He wasn’t aware of the fact that he might have been going to become a victim at the party and lose his life. To know what exactly happened at the party jump into the article below.

Ames Homicide

Ames Homicide: What exactly happened at Halloween Party?

The incident took place on Friday at the Halloween Party which was at night and it was outside the Elks Lodge. Everyone at the party was dressed scary as everyone followed the theme of Halloween. The party was going on at Douglas Avenue and there were 100 people at the party. They aren’t aware of the fact that this happening environment of the party will go to be turned into the most disheartening atmosphere. Police stated that “shots were fired in the crowd of 100people at 11:57 pm. There was a fight after which multiple people at the party was started firing their guns. And then the police arrived at the scene where they found a 23 old boy was injured badly in the scene.”

The man was then taken to the hospital for his treatment at Mary Greeley Medical Center but later he was found dead due to his severe injuries. The name and other related information about the victim is yet to be known and didn’t disclose by the police yet. After their tye, Ames Police Department imposed a lockdown for the investigation on Saturday morning. Well, this is a most readable action as this way they can be able to investigate without any interruption.

So the investigation is still going as the matter was so serious and police are investigating why the gunshots were fired at the party. What exactly is the reason behind this fight at the party. So we all just have to keep some patients till the police release the investigation reports. So once we will be going to get the investigation report will going to update you on the same platform so stay tuned to us. For this, you have to bookmark our site and follow us.

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