The online retail OTT platform has its presence worldwide and a large audience subscribes to the channel Amazon Prime, which is which makes Amazon appear as a giant Internet community. There is news that the social media OTT platform has released new guidelines regarding its platform Amazon Prime, that The users facing problems regarding unsubscribing the Amazon Prime or canceling the subscription that is a very complicated process so once you subscribed your services will continue which creates A problem for user Regarding bills as they don’t find how to unsubscribe the OTT Amazon Prime. Follow More Update On


These problems, Customers filed complaints against Amazon to the authorities which led to an approach to Amazon will complain and here is all that happened in the matter. after so many complaints from European consumers reached two out the Amazon prime regarding the Complaint as Dd complains I register to the European consumer organization DEUC, Norwegian consumer Council and Atlantic consumer for complaints and exchanged dialogue over these Complaints on dissatisfaction to the European executive last year. the seconds complain that the subscription process of Amazon Prime is very complicated and they had to follow numerous stages which confused and makes it very hectic for them to unsubscribe to Amazon Prime,

This is not a consumer-friendly product, as the same complaint is from many customers against Amazon Prime. As per complaints authorities reached out to the network officials of Amazon Prime authorities have taken a step on the concerns and Now this platform is becoming more user-friendly. Which was earlier followed a hectic process for a subscription or any other commands regarding the choice easy for a subscription user has to follow so many hurdles like complicated navigation menu, then he has to follow very long reading paragraphs on terms subject and conditions after that he has to make so many confusing choices regarding permissions and other things to unsubscribe from Amazon.

But these problems recently got eased as Amazon has introduced so many new changes that it will allow subscription with just two steps from user clicks. And now you will find it very clear on the subscription, cancel button, or change of plan from the platform. these changes will apply to all European websites, mobile, and tablets on every digital device that can subs-operate Amazon Prime on it. European companies authorities said consumers should have the right to their choice and there should be no pressure from the platform of any kind that compulsion and these orders are clear for every platform that practices manipulative designs and patterns will not be in use as the Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders issued in his court statement.

Amazon said it has made the design clear and very simple for customers to board, sign up, sign out, and also to cancel their membership plans it continuously listens and keeps a follow-up on feedback given, looking for ways to improve customer experience and simplicity. we proved our customer compatibility by this that they are now offering a two-click platform for subscription and unsubscribing from amazon prime.


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