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Allegra Stratton Twitter goes viral: Downing Street staffers sprung laughing about secret Christmas party in new video


Allegra Stratton Twitter goes viral: Downing Street staffers sprung laughing about secret Christmas party in new video: It seems like the controversy over the Christmas party video is not taking the name to get a stop. The pressure is ascending on Boris Johnson after a leaked video viewed his spokeslady laughing about a Christmas party that occurred at Number 10 last year, a day prior to the Prime Minister ordered millions of Britons to spend Christmas Day alone to assist slow the spread of Coronavirus. For weeks cabinet ministers and Johnson have been rejecting the gathering as a party and in contravention of the serious pandemic restrictions. The rules in place at the time said that “no individual may participate in a gathering in the Tier 3 area which consists of 2 or more people, and takes place in any indoor space. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Downing Street Video

Allegra Stratton Twitter goes viral

“Whilst there are privileges for work purposes, you must not have a work Christmas party or lunch, where that is a first and foremost, social activity.” The gathering occurred inside Number 10, the government headquarters, on 18th December when the Alpha variant of the Covid-19 was increasing “exponentially” in London and running uncontrolled throughout the country. On that day, around 500 people have passed away after testing positive for Coronavirus, about 35,000 infections were described and nearly 19,000 individuals were in the hospital.

Closely 146,000 individuals have passed away of Coronavirus in the United Kingdom since the beginning of the pandemic and the month of December 2020 wave was the country’s most lethal. To attempt to bring down those numbers, the government has appointed serious tier-3 restrictions across much of the nation and London. But that night, as per the record in the British press, around 40-50 individuals attended Downing Street for an after-work party. One British outlet explained the gathering as “cheek by jowl”.

The Prime Minister stated on Tuesday that “I am satisfied myself that the guidelines and rules were followed at all times.” He made this statement when pressed again on the case. But early on Wednesday morning, AEDT, commercial newscaster ITV News telecast leaked video footage of Johnson’s spokeswoman at the time, mocking about the party in a bogus press conference just 4 days after the event, with her colleagues rehearsing how she would answer questions about the event being unlawful.

Allegra Stratton, an ex ITV presenter herself, was self-possessed to become one of the most visible faces of the British government. She had been patted to take on a new press secretary role modeled on the press secretary of White House which is responsible for giving on-camera conferences that are telecasted and streamed live.

The video of her practicing the role discloses staff joking about the collecting and how the press might inquire about it. The adviser of the Prime Minister, Ed Oldfield pretending to be a reporter asks Stratton: “I have just watched reports on Twitter that there was a Downing Street Christmas party on Friday night, do you acknowledge those reports?” In this reply, Stratton said laughingly “I went home”.

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