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Is Alison Hammond Pregnant? TV personality pregnancy explained


Is Alison Hammond Pregnant? TV personality pregnancy explained: It might be rumors also so in the article below we will be going to update you with the confirmation of whether she is actually pregnant or not? She is a famous and renowned personality so her pregnancy news is scattered all over the social media platforms. You must be wondering how her pregnancy news is on the web? So let’s not delayed anymore and catch all the questions rising in your head. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Alison Hammond Pregnant

Is Alison Hammond Pregnant?

Alison Hammond has been given a statement on his she herself confirms that she is pregnant. She said that “I’m having a baby.” She confines her pregnancy news on the ITV show as she has been heard by her fans that she is pregnant at 50. So there was a discussion about women’s menopause then she said that a woman gave birth while she was at the age of 50.

Alison, who is now 47. remains in shock  as she said that she has been considered her

own age and also stated that she could also do that with her co-host Dermot O’Leary: “That could be me.” This has been revealed by her before the ad break. There is a clip in which we can clearly see that she threw her hands in the air and shouted to the viewers, “I’m having a baby”. and there is a huge smile on her face. It can be seen clearly in the clip that she is super happy. Then she started to receive congratulations.

Dermot said, “Many many congratulations to you Alison this is such good and the most amazing news- what a scoop.”

The pair were later seen showing their support for a petition as Dermot stated to Alison, “You should call your new child Scott or Charlene,” on Alison replies to him, “That’s such a good idea.”

Then a caller also congratulate her and also said, “That’s such a good idea.” she is so shocked to find that you were pregnant even after menopause.”

She also stated that “I thought I was going through menopause and I found out I was pregnant. I already had a 20-year-old and it changed my life so so much.”

On this Alison replies that “It was such a happiest time when I got to know that I was pregnant at my 47, my life was changed so much.”

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