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Who is Aliia Roza? Former Russian Spy Open Up on Vladimir Putin Over Ukraine – Age, Instagram, Husband, Net Worth


Who is Aliia Roza? Former Russian Spy Open Up on Vladimir Putin Over Ukraine – Age, Instagram, Husband, Net Worth: The Russian invasion of Ukraine is drawing attention worldwide. Many destructions happened in Ukraine due to this war and many people lost their lives. A new development is added in this news, an ex-Russian spy who presently resides in Los Angeles has blasted Russian President Vladimir Putin over the Ukraine invasion, warning that he “will stop at nothing” to conquer the ongoing war. Putin has already been dubbed a war criminal by worldwide leaders for unleashing inhuman atrociousness on the civilians in Ukraine. His forces have resorted to violent bombing, shelling, and gunshots to win over cities. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Aliia Roza

Who is Aliia Roza?

Now former Russian spy Aliia Roza has also called out the 69-year-old president for his autocratic nature. Roza garnered immense popularity last year after she disclosed her true identity as that of a former Russian special agent, who apparently fell in love with her target. The 37-year-old barely run away with her life from Russia after failing her mission, but later settle down in the United States.

Aliia Roza Russian Spy

Roza stated that “I was trained in the same military program as Putin and we learned how to stay calm and cold-blooded in a very stressful situation. She also warned, “Mr Putin always wins; he can not lose this war and backup as it will damage his reputation. He will go ’till the end”. She observed that Putin focus to gain “full control of Ukraine” and replace President Volodymyr Zelenskyy with a new leader.

Aliia Roza: Age, Instagram, Husband, Net Worth

Roza shared that “The strategy of Putin is obvious- do not let NATO place any rockets or weapons in Ukraine, and he will do everything in order to achieve his goal. But he did not expect that Ukrainians would fight back and have to support from the entire world.” She also opened up about her family and friends in both Russia and Ukraine, who are afraid of Putin.

“I talked to them (friends and family) every day and they tell me that Russians over 45 are following the regime of Putin as they are scared. Russian soldiers are usually not the ones who can select to go to the war or not, there is the order they have to follow it.”

Allia was born in the Soviet Union and was trained to be a spy in her teen years. Though her life turned out to be quite different as she later had an affair with the man she was supposed to honeytrap and collect intelligence on. In the year 2004, she was sent on her first official mission as a spy where she met her target Vladimir the man she apparently fell in love with.

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