There has been a mockery of a situation in Aligarh and it seems like that the authorities are on their toes and they are trying their best to neutralize the situation there, About 50 people have died after they went on to consume the liquor which was spurious to no end and this has happened on two of the different occasions and has happened recently.

Aligarh Hooch Case

Aligarh Hooch Case Latest News Update:

The person who has been accused in the last month in Aligarh when the hooch incident took place because of which about 35 people have lost their lives and it seems like that the person has been caught by the authorities on Sunday, the accused was Rishi Sharma who was carrying a reward of 1 lakh for his arrest and the guy has been held near the Bulandshahr border which is located in Uttar Pradesh in the Western side and this has been stated by the senior superintendent of police naming Kalanidhi Naithani.

Who Is Rishi Sharma?

The situation is pretty critical as 50 people have lost their lives after consuming liquor and it is being stated by the officials that the situation is pretty bad and they have further stated that the number can go up to 100 without too much trouble which is just absurd as many of the people have lost their family members and it seems like that the situation is going to get worse with what has been stated.

The police also arrested another accused naming Vipin Yadav who was carrying an award of 50000 for his arrest and they also arrested the brother Rishi Sharma who was carrying a bounty of 25000 for his arrest, It has been stated by the police chief that about 17 FIR’s have been lodged recently and about 61 people have been arrested in Aligarh as these people are the reason behind the death of so many people,

He further stated that the investigation was carried out by many of the police teams to catch all of these goons who can be termed as murderers who have killed so many people and he has stated, A crackdown is going on for the liquor mafia that is in Aligarh as if nothing is going to be done about the situation then it is going to get out of hands and we cannot afford to lose the lives of any more people, Officials have also stated on Friday that about 9 people were dumped into a canal which is near Rohera village near the Jawan area which is just absurd as bodies are being thrown away like garbage and this needs to be cracked down as soon as possible.


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