Who is Ali Abulaban? California TikTok Star arrested in Double Murder: Ali Abulaban is the famous and best-known Tik Tok star who has been now making the news headlines after attending double murder. He is created by the police of California. His followers are searching his names on the web as they are getting impatient to know whom he murders and why. So the answer to your search is going to be revealed in the article below. He use to make videos on Tik Tok and he has enough amount of followers there. News about his double is also creating a buzz over social media. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Ali Nasser Abulaban Arrested

Who is Ali Abulaban?

Ali has been accused of killing his ex-wife and her friend. They both were living separately. And his wife Ana was filing a divorce from him. The man he killed is identified as Rayburn Cardenas Barron. As per the lawyer Ana, she was o filing ha divorce against her husband. Her Prosecutor and Deputy District Attorney Taren Brast stated that “Ana called the police in September, and he also told that her husband is harassing her and doing domestic violence by hitting and pushing her.”

She was suffering in her marriage and her husband was ways used to torcher her. Bran also told that “Before the three days of death she told her husband to shit this apartment on October 18. And Ali checked into the hotel but he kept the key to the San Diego apartment. Then he came back to the San Diego apartment on October 21 and he also download a listening app into the Ipad of his daughter.”

After reaching the apartment Ali heard the voice of his wife that she is talking and laughing with a man. And this made him think she was chatting at him them he shot both with the loaded guns. And then he killed both of them but says per the investigators they were just the friends and there wasn’t anything else between them. He shot Ana once at her head.

Then he rushed to pick his daughter from school and told her that ‘I hurt mommy. Then he called his mother and told her everything and also confessed to his crime. And he even called the police after 3 pm while he was driving with his daughter. He is under the arrest and the investigation is in the process. And court orders him to stay away from his daughter as other family members are going to take care of his daughter now.


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