The youngest member of the U.S House of Representatives of the New York, Miss ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ is in these news headlines due to her dating. She uses to be in the trends due to her social media appearances and she uses to have a huge amount of following on these platforms. Whereas her dating life has made her in the headlines these days. So in this article, you will be going to get the details about her boyfriend and the name of her boyfriend.

Who Is AOC's Boyfriend

Who Is Aoc Dating?

She invites the truth that she has a secret Tik Tok account. Whilst there aren’t many details on this but we will gonna take at her dating life. The name of her boyfriend is Riley Roberts. He use the web developer and was also seen in the highlights while AOC setting up her carer, He was seen supporting her in her entire journey. He is also ahead of the marketing and running of a website name Home Binder

Who Is AOC’s Boyfriend?

Leys take a look at his education. He received a double degree from the same university of Boston. He is also interested in tech. And helps in many tech startups and he becomes the thee reason to increase the revenue for the tech companies he worked for by applying and educating them, on the marketing strategies. The strategies related to the marketing and the development of their wor and company.

Aoc Dating

Who Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Boyfriend Riley Roberts?

He was also appeared in the series “Knock Down the House Documentary” which has been aired on the ott platform Netflix. Whereas they both use ti be keep their relationship secret and hide from everyone. They didn’t reveal much about themselves on social media and keep it a secret for so long. But they have seen together many times.

They met each other in of the event which was organized by the Dean Bostin University, said AOC. She further added that” we are two different personalities and our thinking also doesn’t match much. But we still feel for each other. He even took dedication to moved to Arizona so that he can stay with me.”

Whereas one of their friends passed a statement about them in which he revealed that “they were hiding about themselves and dating each other for years.”

Whereas AOC’s boyfriend is also seen in many events with her family and friends. Whilst in September 2020 AOC said that she isn’t single. Stay glued to us.


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