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Alex Woolf Composer In Court For Social Media Offences


There has been a suspended sentence which was given to a former BBC young composer as he stole some clothed images of a woman from social media and he was uploading those pictures to some pornographic sites without having the consent of the woman who is in the pictures. the name of the man is Alexander Wolf who is a composer from Cambridgeshire and is also a graduate of Cambridge, he downloaded fifteen pictures of the woman from social media.

Alex Woolf Composer

Alex Woolf Composer

he then started posting those pictures with sexually explicit and derogatory comments and used to post them on pornographic sites, the pictures weren’t indecent or pornographic but he was asking his viewers to photoshop her face and get a body of some actress which were then posted on the adult websites. One of the victims of the wolf was alerted at the time of January in the year 2021 which came through an anonymous email.

It was about the warning that her picture was found on the social media on Reddit and then in the month of March it came on a pornographic site without her consent. The anonymous person has stated the user who suggested this was having the name of Woolf, the victim then found out about the other pictures which have been posted by Woolf and she got pretty distressed as she saw those images.

The victim has stated, the pictures have cost her a lot of distress and she is highly upset with what she has seen, the Crown Prosecutor at the CPS has stated, the behaviour of Woolf is severely reprehensible and depraved and he has had a drastic impact on his victim. He further stated they are always going to look out for the sexual exploitation and they are going to be sending a clear message that such behaviour is not going to be tolerated by the law and the authorities.

He further stated all of the pictures have been deleted by Woolf and he is never going to come in contact with his victim ever again. He has been given 20 weeks in prison, he is going to be suspended for two years which has been stated by Thames Magistrates Court on 16th August and in addition to this, Woolf is going to be paying the victim 100 Euros as compensation for the distress and the troubles he has caused her.

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