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Who is Alex Stein? Comedian Raps About Killing Putin – Age, Wife, Instagram, and, more!


Who is Alex Stein? Comedian Raps About Killing Putin – Age, Wife, Instagram, and, more!: A Texas native, Alex Stein has gone viral on social media with his rap song calling for the execution of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the viral video, the social media personality can be watched rapping in front of a broadcast of the North Texas City Council meeting. The lyrics of the songs include, “Put a bullet in the brain of Putin” and “Vladimir Putin needs to die.” This is not his first time performing at such a meeting. Stein, who shortly appeared on ABC’s 2012 reality competition “The Glass House, has acquired fame for appearing in videos at political meetings and making a scene. In the spite of explaining himself as a comedian and satirist, one reporter has accused him of transphobia. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Alex Stein

Who is Alex Stein?

Alex Stein is a comedian and self-explained professional troll. He is also a famed YouTuber with 24.6k subscribers on his channel. Stein completed graduation from Highland Park High School in the affluent Dallas neighborhood of Highland Park. Alex Stein has played a reality Television, spent a decade exposing infidels on the Show Cheaters, and comes up in multiple movies and television shows. Earlier, he was the best know for stating, “I am an idiot when it comes to smarts,” on The Glass House.

Alex Stein: Comedian Raps About Killing Putin

His performance acquired him this description from Gawker: “He is a garbage person to match a garbage show insofar that he is compulsively watchable.” In his latest performance, wearing a suit and tie that resembled the colors of the Ukrainian flag, Stein played a backing beat and sang: “I am the proof when I am in the booth spitting on the mic. Anti-Vax, Putin hates all of the Blacks. Putin is a bad racist. Put him in the ground, white or brown, and I am in Plano town, and you know you just got discovered, I am a p*mp, I own a blimp.”

Alex Stein: Age, Wife, Instagram

He praised Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine, calling him “smart”, and stated that the gas prices are high and the Russian President requires to die. After the rap, Stein stated they all require to get rid of Putin, as suggested by Lindsey Graham. He then thanked the mayor and indicated the name of his Instagram account. Stein referenced the repeated suggestion of Graham that some kill Putin so that the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict could end.

This is not the first time Stein has made headlines with his raps. In the month of October 2021, he performed a song on the COVID-19 vaccines at the Dallas City Council, wearing medical scrubs and face masks. Motivating people in a comedy way to get vaccinated, Alex Stein asked Dr Anthony Fauci to give him that “ouchie” referring to the prick that a person feels after the syringe enters the body.

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