Home News Alberta Says Us Oil Request: Biden pleads with OPEC+ to Pump oil

Alberta Says Us Oil Request: Biden pleads with OPEC+ to Pump oil


There is a new story developing in the world of politics, Alberta’s energy minister reprimanded US President Joe Biden and his administration as they are asking the organization to ramp up the oil production to the Petroleum Exporting countries. the national security advisor of Biden stated on Wednesday naming Jake Sullivan, he has released a statement in which he is calling out the oil production from OPEC for additional production of oil.

Alberta Says Us Oil Request

Alberta Says Us Oil Request

It also comprises nations such as Saudi Arabia and Russia which is over and above the production which has already been promised by the organisation to pump oil in the wake of Covid-19. It has been further stated by Sullivan, OPEC+ has agreed to increase in production, these increases are not going to be enough and are not going to be meeting the cuts in the production which were made by OPEC+ which they imposed during the pandemic.

He further stated at this stage which is a pretty critical moment when it comes to global recovery, this is simply not going to be enough. Sonya Savage has stated in a statement who is the Energy minister at Alberta, the Biden administration is pleading us to increase the oil production as they want them to rescue the United States when it comes to high fuel prices which is happening months after the cancellation of Keystone XL hypocrisy.

She further stated Keystone XL was there to be providing the Americans with a source of energy that would have been stable from a friend who would have been a trusted ally and also the people who are getting concerned about social, environmental, and governance. she was basically taunting the American president for not opting for the Keystone XL project which Biden scrapped off when we talk about the major moves he took after becoming the president.

It seems like Alberta has been desperate when it comes to the pipelines as they have been rotting for it for many years now, they have been struggling to diversify their customer base, Alberta is stated to be the third largest jurisdiction when it comes to the Oil production company and most of the crude flows at the United States in the South. basically, ALberta is blaming the president for the crisis which is being faced by the country right now as he didn’t opt for the Keystone XL.

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