There has been a new change in the 50 euro note in England as they are honoring Alan Turing who is the code breaker during world war 2 and his picture is going to be featured on the 50 euro note and this is happening as this would be the 109th Birthday of the Mathematician and the polymer note will be distributed form the bank of England is going to be distributing the note all over the branches and ATM’s which is going to happen in the coming weeks.

Alan Turing

And for the first time in history, it has been done that the entire collection of notes is going to be made of plastic and it has been stated that the notes are going to last two and half times longer than the usual note which is made of paper and the plastic notes are going to be the successor of paper notes.

Alan Turing who was the pioneer when it comes to computing who was the reason behind breaking the Enigma code of Germans which was the reason that the enemies were able to contact each other without much of an issue as it was a secure way of exchanging messages for them and Alan Turing was successful to break the code and was the reason behind saving so many lives which is something that we all take for granted these days which is known as the in-built encryption

He was the reason that the war was shortened by 2 years and he was the reason that 14 million lives were saved and that is something that can be said about a handful of people.

The guy was prosecuted as he was a homosexual as he was put through chemical castration treatment as he took his own life after that in the year 1954. He has been a revolutionary as because of him the UK government-related the statement that the people who were convicted because of the earlier laws for being gay have stated that it was wrong and the government apologized to the people who had to go through that.

Andrew Bailey has stated who is the governor of the bank of England that they are celebrating some of the most important figures of history and that is why they are delighted to feature Alan Turing on the new polymer note which is of 50 euro.


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