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Is Al Zombory Dead or Still In Prison? Murder and Obituary Update


Is Al Zombory Dead or Still In Prison? Murder and Obituary Update: The netizens are always kept searching about the subject of their interest and when it is related to a murder case they are keen to know more about it. In this blog, we are discussing a killer who killed his daughter’s ex-husband and now the netizens are looking to know where is the killer now? Is he in jail or passed away? Around this time last year, Dateline NBC showcased the “murder for hire” story of the Eastlake Conspiracy. Here we are discovering how their plan came to light and saved the life of someone. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Al Zombory Dead

Is Al Zombory Dead or Still In Prison?

Many news sources stated that AI Zombory has passed away in jail. But, there is no obituary notice. He was convicted to nine years of prison life as he was found guilty of conspiring to murder David Metter, the former husband of his daughter. As shown in Dateline, David Metter triumphed back the custody of his 4 kids after he found out that his children were getting proper care from their mother, Christine. On the day, Christine met her high school friend Patrick Sabo on the web and discussed her domestic issues and problems.

Mockingly, he stated, “Save your money and hire a hitman! LMAO”, to which she replied with a “Lol”. Though, after a few hours, she invited him for dinner at her house with her father.” As per the statement from Sabo, Zombory began to discuss killing his ex-son-in-law. He offered $50,000 to him to complete the task. Though Sabo informed the police about the ongoing conspiracy. The police asked him to play along with him. So the investigation or undercover officer, Detective Christopher Bowerstock, played the role of a hitman and offered $3,000 as a downpayment.

Later on, they viewed the photoshopped photo of David shot in his head to AI. Finally, after gathering enough proof, the police apprehended the father-daughter duo in the murder of David Metter.

Christine Metter And Father AI Zombory Murder Conspiracy Update

The cops debunked Christine Metter and AI Zombory murder conspiracy. The defense lawyer of Christine said that her father deceived her and was innocent at the time of the trial. Though, the prosecutor argued that she did not like the control of her daughters in the hands of her former husband, and she may be the one who manipulated her father into the act. Moreover, the protective father also asserted that she had no idea about anything.

But the statement from the trial of Christine contradicted what her father stated. Thus, the court convicted Zombory to nine years of jail and his daughter for 10 years. He passed away while in custody after serving 5 years. He was 83 years old at the time of his passing. In contrast, his daughter was released on 25th March 2021.

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