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AKA Braai Show: The Braai Show Producers Cake Media Demand An Apology From Kiernan Forbes aka AKA


It seems like the drama is not stopping when it comes to Johannesburg as the rapper naming Kiernan Forbes has been ordered to apologize in the letter which has been issued by the rap star naming Cake Media. This has come after it has been ordered by AKA to the SABC to stop the Braai show which has got to do something with intellectual rights when it comes to properties, it seemed like the next season of the show was all set and was scheduled for next month having the rapper Cassper Nyovest who is the new presenter of the show.

AKA Braai Show

AKA Braai Show

It seems like AKA has served the SABC providing them with a legal letter demanding they will have to stop the airing of the show, it has been revealed through the letter, AKA was not consulted when it comes to approval of the executive producer and co-owner. It has been demanded by AKA to retract all of the accusations, comments, and allegations which have been made when we talk about all of his social media accounts which is regarding the Braai show. It has been stated in the legal letter, the producers signed Cassper as they presented him with an offer without the approval of AKA.

Read the letters in full below:

AKA Braai Show AKA Braai Show AKA Braai Show

It has also been revealed, AKA was also ordered to apologize by 1:00 pm which was scheduled for Monday, there has been no apology from the side of AKA on any of his social media platforms until yet. It has also been stated in the letter, he needs to apologize for the damages he has made which are the consequences of his actions, it has been further stated in the letter about the poor understanding of disingenuous and poor agreements of Mr. Forbes.

It has also been revealed by the media, Forbes has no copyright claims as to the show The braai show has been fully conceived by MakhuduCom, the claim fo him stating he is the owner of 50% of the company which is totally incorrect and malicious which is among many of the matters which he has created himself. the letter simply points out, Kiernan Forbes has no kind of claims to copyright the show Braai show. it seems like the case is going to be studied legally and there are going many loopholes in the whole situation which need to be fixed.

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