Ajman Albond vs Team Abu Dhabi is scheduled to be played next in Emirates D10 League 2020. If you are a cricket lover and bent on watching all the matches of this league so don’t miss today’s match. The match will be played at 5:30 PM today. AAD is all set to face TAD for the second time in this series. This is the first match of today’s evening and the fans of both teams are seems to be crazy about the match.

Ajman Albond has already faced Team Abu Dhabi and this is going to be the second time when both of the teams will facing each other on the pitch. well, we will let you know one more thing that these matches are playing in Dubai at ICC academy. The First match when they played against each other at that time Team Abu Dhabi had won by 8 wickets.


jman Albond vs Team Abu Dhabi

Let’s have a look at the performance of both of the teams so till now Team Abu Dhabi (TAD) has played 6 matches in which TAD only won 1 match, has lost 5 matches and if we talk about the performance of AAD so AAD has played 5 matches and they won 1 match and lost 4 matches.

let’s have a look of pitch report, therefore, we would like to tell you that according to the latest pitch report the pitch report seems to be In the favour of batsman because on this pitch most of the teams who played won. and as per the last match, TAD has got the victory against AAD so we can say that AAD has to prove itself and TAD seems more positive towards today’s evening.

Ajman Aulbond playing XI: S Sandeep, A Shakoor, A Kumar, A Khan, S Singh, S Manshad, H Arshad, A Hamza, S Asadullah, N Aziz and O Farooq.

Team Abu Dhabi Playing XI: R Shahzad, K Smith, A Abid, G Farid, O Shah, K Mahmood, G Cremer, R Bhatia, D Khan, J Bhukari and V Vijayan.

weather report: according to the weathercast weather is seems to be fresh and sunny so today players will be playing more energetic.

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