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Airstrikes In Iraq Syria: U.S. Airstrikes In Syria and Iraq


In the latest news, it has been seen by the countries that the USA has launched airstrikes which they have done against the people who are Militia groups and are operated by Iran which was there in the region of the border in Iraq and Syria.

Airstrikes In Iraq Syria

Airstrikes In Iraq Syria

It has been stated that the strike that has been done on Sunday has hit the weapons and operational storage facilities and this has been done in a response to the drone attacks that were done on the US forces and this has been stated by the pentagon is one the statements and it was also stated that the president Joe Biden is going to act upon for protecting the US personnel from any kind of threat.

There has been no information of the casualties as it was not provided by the Pentagon but one of the monitoring groups has stated that there have 5 deaths if you talk about the militia fighters that have been killed in Syria.

According to the human rights in regards to Syria which are UK based has stated that there have been many fighters that have been wounded after the attack that was inflicted by the US warplanes and it has also been stated by the Syrian media, specifically SANA that a child has died because of the airstrikes and three other people are severely injured and this has been the second airstrike that has been inflicted by the US president Joe Biden towards Iran backed militant groups and this has happened since he took the responsibility of the office in the month of January.

It has been stated that the US forces that are in Iraq have been the center of the target many times which has been happening in some recent months and most of them were drone attacks and it has been stated by Iran that they have no involvement in the attacks that the US forces have experienced.

According to the Pentagon, the two airstrikes have gone to hit two of the targets in Syria and one has taken place in Iraq, it has been stated that there have been several groups that are backed up by Iran, and the US has destroyed these camps through airstrikes.

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