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Who Is Agwright1231 On TikTok? Bride’s Wedding Cake Fail Shocks Users


Who Is Agwright1231 On TikTok? However, TikTok is banned in India but it is widely popular in other countries and many commoners became popular through this app. This app helped them to gather a large number of followers and holds the title of the content creator. Usually, Tiktokers provide unique content that makes their video instant viral but some creators show the content which we have not seen before and start the new trend with it. One unique and different Tiktok video same seems to have happened with user “agwright1231” who demonstrate to us that she had got a messed up wedding cake. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Who Is Agwright1231 On TikTok?

The Nashville-based viral video of Tiktok has gained near to 350,000 views on the platform. It made admirers so curious that the TikTok star uploaded more videos after her video gone viral amongst the users and they start looking more. The viewers want to know more about it and in this blog, we are sharing all the details which we gathered so far.

Failed Wedding Cake Of TikToker “AGWRIGHT1231”

Tiktoker whose user name on Tiktok is @agwright1231, is a singer and stylist from Nashville. The TikTok star recently tied the wedding knot to her partner and recorded the video of the wedding cake fiasco in the process. On 1st October 2021, she uploaded the first video about the cake in which she saying that “So we picked up our delicious wedding cake”. She then begins to show the picture of the complicated-designed cake she had ordered for her wedding.

@agwright1231 #greenscreen #expectationvreality #cakefail #imfine ♬ original sound – Matthew Rincon

@agwright1231 #greenscreen ♬ original sound – AG Wright

@agwright1231 RIP Earl….. guess “the chicks” were right #chickens #chickenupdate #SoFiMoneyMoves ♬ original sound – AG Wright

She unconditionally says “This is what it was should be or supposed to look like”. The content creator then viewed the image of what actually came and the bakery clearly missed the mark. The video got wild reactions from the side of TikTok users many of whom had many questions in their minds. Hence, ‘agwright1231’ uploaded another video unveiling that the amount of the cake was $550. She further unveiled that during the time of filming the video. The user explained in the comments section that “I mean, everyone was saying that ‘You get what you pay for” but like I did not go the cheap way, you know?”

Agwright1231 On TikTok Agwright1231 On TikTok Agwright1231 On TikTok

The user further said in the comments section that she had selected to hold back on unveiling the name of the bakery for the time being, in the spit the watchers asking her to do so. One Tiktok user wrote, “If they do not give you the refund at least half of that $550 please utter their name.” The native of Nashville also shared her reaction to the arrival of the cake, which saw that she was almost crying.

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