Maharashtra minister Aditya Thackeray filed petition in the supreme court on Saturday for challenging the decision of the University Grant Commission (UGC) to conduct final year exams before 30 September. the court has not admitted the petition yet. However, Thackeray said that the cases are increasing day by day if the UGC is taking the responsibilities of every student and teacher then it would be good. He said that the ministry and university Grant Commission (UGC) is not realizing the number of cases od COVID 19 which are increasing day by day.

He said that until the UGC takes the responsibility of each student and the staff or teacher for appearing in exams they should postpone exams till 30 Sep so that the conditions might be in control. Because of the mental stress, incomplete syllabus the fear of being infected from the virus, and preparation for exams. While most of the top universities have skipped the examination due to pandemic, but our ministry is bent on to take exams unfortunately they are trying to put the lives of students and teachers as well in danger.

Aditya Thackeray shiv sena

“THE MVA ( Maha Vikas Aghadi) has decided to pass the students on the basis of their past performances, and they are feeling they must do this, and students can appear for exams as they want when the exams will be held”, said Thackrey by giving an example of other universities.

However, it is good or not let’s see what supreme court will decide, but whatever, they will be deciding that should be in the favor of students and their health as well, so that every student will be able to appear in exams, without being scared of the coronavirus. because this pandemic brings the change into human life as it seems like nature is taking the revenge of the torture which we have done till now, or we bent on doing. as a game, because human have started to think that he is the lord of the earth but seems like nature is making us realize that we are just Tenant on this planet.


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