Adam Waldman Testimony On Amber Heard Trial and Lobbyist Putin Connection Explained: If you know Adam Waldman you probably know what he did with the Amber Heard case. Adam Waldman was a lawyer who was fired over Amber Heard’s trial testimony. Adam Waldman was fired from the case for allegedly leaking information about the case to the press. Amber Heard also requested the court to hold the lawyer accountable for his behavior. Follow More Update On

Adam Waldman

Adam Waldman’s Testimony On Amber Heard Trial

When the news surfaced on the Internet that he had leaked information about a private matter, everyone was shocked and couldn’t believe it. Everyone was saying how can a lawyer do this. If a person goes to a lawyer to fight a case then it is the duty of a lawyer not to tell many things in front of the public. How can he do that? Many people were asking him a lot of questions but he hardly answers any questions.

Regarding this, Ayesha wrote on Twitter that this is Adam Waldman and I consider him a fighter of truth and justice. Strange that someone called them a liar after lying about coming to live with me @adam.waldman.

Lobbyist Putin Connection Explained

Lawyer Adam Waldman explains that she has an affair with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He also says, he was a good friend of mine and we are having a good conversation with him. We know him. But as you know that after leaking someone’s personal information in front of everyone, who believes their so-called statements.

Adam Waldman is married to Dr. Barbara Sturm. She is an Aesthetic Therapist and owns a cosmetic brand where she earns good money and leads a happy life. The couple has four children. They live very fruitfully with her and every day she was thanking God for giving her everything. Like a handsome husband, she has lovely children and earns well. Adam was pleased with her and had a good relationship with his wife. He had a good time with her.

According to the reports, his net worth is around $2 million which was enough to survive. His primary source of income was his profession where he earns maximum wealth. He may have some other source of income that he does not disclose. As of now, we have so much information, if anything comes up we definitely notify you. Till then follow this site.


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