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Actor Siddharth On BJP: Siddharth alleges received ‘death threats’ By BJP, gets police protection!


Actor Siddharth of the movie Range De Basanti has been tweeted on Thursday that “his phone number was leaked by members of Tamil Nadu of the Bhartiya Janata Party.” On Twitter, he stated that ” he along with his family is being harassed on calls from unknown numbers, and that have been receiving warnings of murder and rape, even those unknown phone calls use to abuse with him too.”


Actor Siddharth On BJP

He also claimed that he recorded the phone calls and grand some important information against those threatening phone calls and handed over this evidence to the police.

If we take a look at his tweet then he wrote that “My mobile number was leaked by members of TN BJP and @BJPtnlTcell. I received more than five hundred calls which include abuse, rape, and death threats to me and my family. While I have been recorded the phone calls and headed over to the police. And I will not be going to stay quiet and keep on fighting against it.”



He has been coming up as a most spoken actor against what he is facing at the time of ruling Narendra Modi’s government. On Thursday Siddharth tweeted, ” Our country is in trouble and it needs our help hence we must rise to support the affected people, they must have chance to fight against Covid and to live their life so, that they can follow their dreams. You can help needy by Donate to Bhoomika and they will distribute oxygen concentrators to those who are struggling to breathe.”

Whereas we all know that India is struggling with an alarming and most contagious wave of Covid-19 that has included the shortage of medical oxygen and essential resources, those are the need of Covid patients.

Thus, after his tweets, fans use to took to Twitter to express their solidarity for their beloved actor and one of the hashtags is going viral #IStandWithSiddharth. His fans are there to support him and this motivates him a lot to stay strong and fight giants the harassment he is facing. The actor is 42 years old and he has appeared in the Hindi film “Rang De Basanti.”

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