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Accident Balmore Road Today: Balmore Road Shut Down After Crash


There has been a lethal car accident on Ashgill Road in the morning, there were two cars that were involved in the incident and it is not known if anyone is injured because of the incident as of yet. It has been stated by an eyewitness, an elderly female pedestrian, and two cars, the female pedestrian is still on the field providing the authorities with the details, and one the driver has been arrested already.

Accident Balmore Road Today

Accident Balmore Road Today

It seems like one of the streets which are close to the junction with Balmore Road has been closed off by the police and the emergency services are going to be remaining at the scene. the spokeswoman for the force stated, around 10:30 am, police were informed about the incident of a road crash which was about the two cars which are we seeing today on Ashgill road at Balmore road. There are emergency services that are going to be there at the scene and the road is completely shut with a diversion in place.

There is not much known about the scenario as this is a running story as of now and there are not many details that have come in the public domain yet, the investigation is still going on and it seems like the updates about the situation are going to be provided by the police authorities after they are done with the investigation.

There are many questions which have not been answered yet such as what are the names of the people who were involved in the car crash, the model of the cars have not been mentioned yet, it has not been mentioned if this is a case of drink and drive, it has not been known until yet if anyone is injured or not. all of these questions are going to be answered by us only as soon as the information is going to come under our radar, we will provide you with a further update of this running story.

Accidents have been happening every day on the highways and on the streets and the reason is, people who are being irresponsible, it needs to be understood by the people, one life affects many and your irresponsible driving can be the reason of someone’s death so people need to understand their responsibility and need to drive safe on the roads.

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