SonyLiv Brings a Science Fiction Web Series on interesting Time Travel Mythology and innovative fusion of science-based storytelling. The Web series Jl50 is written and Directed by the Shailendra Vyas. JL50 will be premiered through September 4, 2020. Director Shailendra Vyas starring The Lead Roles to Abhay Deol, Piyush Mishra, Ritika Anand, Rajesh Sharma, and Pankaj Kapoor. The Story of This Web Series Starts with A plane which is landed After 35 years. The Leading Character of te Webseries Abhay Deol has Appointed To investigating Flight AO26 But During their search, They Found Jl50, and At This Point Story Begins.

Jl 50


Abhay Deol (Shantanu Das) is A CBI officer who has the responsibility to investigate the plane Crash Case which is disappeared 35year ago. whereas The Ritika Anand (Bihu Ghosh) plays a second Lead Role in Jl50 Who is pilot in JL50. She was asked to gain weight for her role as she was playing a Bengali woman from 1982. She also experimented with a bob cut wig in line with the fashion of the early 1980s.

Review and Rating This Webseries.

Rating This Webseries is 3.5/5 and performing well. Its Trailer is Released on Youtube on September 2, 2020, and People Crazy to seen jl50. In the audience, Some people Comment On youtube That They Expecting this type of content from a very long time. they eagerly waiting to watch it. this webseries is also premiered on online Media through the sonylive app. So you can also watch It through online media.

is Jl50 is really Based on a True Incident?

In Reality, There is no such record of any flight no. like jl50. which is shown in the Jl50 webseries. whether there are many flights which are disappeared in the air but still from the era where airplanes are flying there is no such incident in the whole world. once in the past few years in the united states had some rumours that the flight named 914 has been lost in 1955 and land after 37 years but there is not Such proof About it for Few years this rumour was being real in the whole world but after the investigation, the authority finds out this is not a real incident anymore in history. In India, We also Not have such incidents in our past.

Release Date & Platforms of Premiere.

The Show Will Be Release today 4 September 2020, Don’t miss it if you love science fiction and thriller shows. it will surely entertain you.


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