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Aaron Rodgers Net Worth: American football Aaron Rodgers Considering Retirement!


It seems like the MVP player Aaron Rodgers is requesting a trade out from Green Bay which is making many of the packers fans enter panic mode as they are highly confused about the future them as Rodgers has been the key player in the team for the longest time and if he is planning to leave them then the future of the team is going to fumble as he has been the pillar for the team for a long time and their offensive game is going to have many issues considering that he is going to leave the team.

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers Net Worth

It has been reported saying that he has already said goodbye to many of his teammates which has led to even more speculation of him leaving the team and it seems like that he is going to be out of Wisconsin in no time.

Ian Rapoport has who is an employee for the NFL network has stated that Rodgers just might call it the end of his career and further stated that if he is planning to do that then he would have to repay the amount of 23 million dollars which he has received in the form of bonuses.

The packers organization is really stressed out after hearing these speculations and has been in panic mode for the past 2 days. The general manager of the team has stated that Rodgers will be going nowhere which has put the packer’s organization in a stalemate situation.

It is a kind of situation that nobody expected as this all has taken place in just 48 hours and if you have been a fan of the packers then you are probably going to be a fan of Rodgers and the news can be upsetting for many of the fans as no one expected this and now the organization is in trouble as the MVP player is trying to leave and the General Manage is saying that he is not leaving which has put the organization in a troublesome situation.

The team morale will also go to be down as one of their star players and also a player who has a lot of experience in the bag is going to leave the team and it is a big blowback for the packers organization as players like him hold the team together and are mature enough to understand that the team’s unity is more important rather than being egoistic about your gameplay and acting individually.

Let’s see what the packers organization is going to do to tackle this complicated situation as we will keep you updated with all the latest news about the sport so be in touch with us to get to know more about the situation.

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