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Aaron Bowman Video Surfaces of Louisiana Trooper Beating a Black Man: WATCH


There has been a graphic body camera video which has been kept secretively for about two years, it is showing a Louisiana State Policeman who is pummeling a motorist who is black about 18 times in a flashlight.

Aaron Bowman Video

Aaron Bowman Video

It is an attack that the trooper defended as “pain compliance”. The footage which has been obtained by the media in the month of May in the year 2019 following up a traffic stop which resulted in a broken jaw, three of his ribs were broken and a gash which was to his head, it required 6 staples to close it.

The encounter of Bowman happened near his home in Monroe which came 3 weeks after the troopers from the same agency punched, dragged, and stunned the black motorist naming Ronald Greene who died in the custody of the police in Louisiana in NorthEast. The video has always remained under wraps before it got obtained by the media and got published earlier this year.

It seems like both of the cases are being investigated by Federal Prosecutors which is directed towards the potential cover-ups and brutality which was involving both of the troopers and state police.

It seems like the agency did not respond to the video immediately as to the messages which are seeking comment on the video, the beating down of Bowman was carried out by Jacob Brown.

he was a white trooper, he resigned in the month of March and there has been 23 tallied use of force incidents which have been recorded since the year 2015-2019 of the troopers targeting black people which has been stated in the police records.

Brown is also facing state charges of second-degree malfeasance and battery in the case of Bowman’s beating. He is also facing state charges in two violent arrests of black guys as in one of the group chats he was seeing stating “gonna be sore” and further stated, “it warms his heart knowing they could educate the young man”.

Bowman was trying to explain to him, he was a dialysis patient at the time, he had done nothing wrong and he wasn’t even resisting but Brown was still being rude to him and this is why he is going to be on a trial for doing misconduct and using his authority for the wrong reasons.

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