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Aapna Time Bhi Ayega Today’s Written Update 8th March 2021 Episode: Birju Defends Rani


We are here again with the written episode update of “Shauray Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani” on March 8, 2021. The episode begins with Rajeshwari and Veer are sitting together and Rajeshwari use to asks him whether he is always there for her if she gets ill? mHe replies “I will be always there for you.” The family member is there with Rajeshwari. Kiara tells Ranisa that she is looking fragile. Sanjay questions Rajeshwari if she is fine or not?

Aapna Time Bhi Ayega

Rajmata on the other side tells Rani was at home, while Rajeshwari says she left. Whereas Nandini and Kirara use to see Rani here meanwhile Rani enters there too. Veer used to question Rani where is she? She replies that she was about to fall and is not feeling well. Veer later scold and says “why you left Ranisa in this condition alone as you that she is not well, And how can you be so irresponsible?” Rani uses to tell him that she has gone to meet babu Ji.

Veer doesn’t stop and keeps yelling at her by saying that Rani still needs to be here and I promised her to take her to meet babu Ji. Rajeshwari tells Veer to be calm. Meanwhile, Birjesh enters and he uses to taunt Veer for scolding her. But Rajeshwari tells him not to behave like this with the family members. Rani says to me that they are my family. Rani questions him why is he here? He replies to see how everyone behaves along with Veer but he can never change.┬áVeer tells him to not cross the limits.

Nandini gate a call from Jai he asks about what’s going on there, she replies that “her house has become a village and everyone uses to argue all the time. And this makes me depressed.” Jai suggests her to come to stay with him. Kiara tells Birju that the “whole family is treating her like a maid” hence, the drama goes on and Rani is tolerating all these by keeping quiet. Later Rajeshwari tries to handle a situation.

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