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Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha, 30th June 2021, Written Episode Update, Nandini’s Character Is Questioned


Today’s episode begins with Rajvi as she puts allegation on Nandini saying that she betrayed them. She tells Nandini to reveal the truth but Nandini denies explaining anything to them and says Rajvi has already announced her a cheater. Vipul asks the reason that why she betrayed Darsh. Nandini feels hurt hearing their words and allegations. Keshav comes there and asks Nandini to remember how they accepted her despite her status is not the same. Here, Naveen asks Bansuri to stay quiet. She feels helpless and goes to Parul. She asks her to believe Nandini as she can’t do anything like this.

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

Bansuri says that Ritesh can clarify things. Shobhit says that he called him already several times but he is not picking up his calls. Nandini says that Ritesh will not give explain anything to anyone. Rajvi says why? if she is afraid that her truth will be revealed. Nandini cries hearing her words. After that, Gunjan also raises questions about Nandini’s character. Naveen tells her to stop but she refuses. She says that everyone should get to know about her real face. Nandini says that she just wants to have a word with Darsh but Rajvi tries to stop her. Nandini gets adamant and confronts him.

Meanwhile, Chetan decides to defend Nandini and is about to go to her house but Priya stops her. Charmi requests her to let him go there. He gets worried and asks her to make a call to Nandini’s house. Charmi says that she doesn’t have anyone’s contact number. He asks if she remembered someone’s contact number. He feels restless. In the next scene, Nandini goes to Darsh and asks that why is he nothing anything after hearing all these allegations about her. She asks if he believes her or not. That time, Darsh says everything is already clear and shows that bracelet to everyone. She gets shattered.

Ahead, Nandini ties her eyes with a cloth and goes inside along with Darsh. Rajvi tries to exhibits but Nandini doesn’t listen to her. She takes all her belongings which she uses daily. Darsh feels puzzled and asks her what is she trying to do. She replies that she was checking that if someone loses her eyes and also lost the trust of people. She says but nothing is like that. She questions Darsh that why he didn’t trust her. She handovers some papers to Darsh and tells her to read them. Don’t miss the episode of ” Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha” on Star Plus at 6 PM.

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