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Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha, 25th September 2021, Written Update, ANNS Today Full Episode Updates!


Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha, 25th September 2021, Written Update, ANNS Today Full Episode Updates: The episode begins with Toral as she takes Vipul’s name. Nandini gets happy seeing this and asks her to try to remember her past life. Meanwhile, Darsh and Rajvi come there and Darsh also encourages her to try hard to remember her past. Vipul feels scared. Rajvi plays the train sound secretly which affects Toral and she starts screaming and yelling. She goes from there and Nandini and Darsh follow her. Vipul says to Rajvi that thank god she remembered that Toral gets disturbed with this sound. He says that they have to send her away from the house before she reveals the truth.

Aapki Nazron ne Samjha

Here, Tora runs towards the stairs and Charmi sees her. Toral sits at her place by pushing her aside. Everyone gets shocked seeing this. Meanwhile, Shobhit holds Charmi before falling down. Nandini takes Toral away from there. Shobhit tries to calm Charmi down but she gets angry at Nandini. She asks to send Toral away from this house. Rajvi agrees and says that it is risky if they kept her in the house. Charmi gets furious and blames Nandini saying that she put her baby’s life in danger. She says to Nandini that’s why she can’t able to be a mother. Everyone gets stunned hearing her.

Darsh and Rajvi reprimand Charmi for behaving so rudely with Nandini. Nandini says that she can understand her pain as she can’t even conceive. Darsh scolds Charmi so she becomes silent. Rajvi also gets mad at Charmi for her rude behavior towards Nandini and asks her to say sorry to Nandini. Parul serves tea to everyone and tells them that she will tell her friends to shared Toral’s picture on social media handles so that they will be able to reach her family. Chetan gets mad but then handles the situation saying that they also can get fake people. Parul agrees.

Vini tries to cheer Nandini up. Daksh comes to her and Nandini says to her that she should not talk to Charmi loudly. He says that he is not going to tolerate her insult. Vipul comes there and says that they should send Toral to the mental hospital. Nandini says if run away from there then. She says that she will take care of her. Later, Darsh makes Toral sleep on the bed. Rajvi notices it and feels worried. After that, Toral is about to put her head inside the vessel but Nandini stops her. Toral again takes Vipul’s name which frustrated Rajvi. She asks everyone to send Toral to a Mental hospital. Don’t forget to watch the latest episode of “Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha” on Star Plus at 6 PM.

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