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Aani Kay Hava Season 3 Web Series All Episode Released On MX Player!


After watching the hit response of the out lookers the makers are coming with the next season of the popular series even the audiences are keenly waiting to watch. The season of the series ends in a way that increases the curiosity of the audiences to watch the next season. In this order, the 3rd season of Varun Narvekar’s well-liked web rom-com series is finally back this week and the fans are amazed how they will be able to watch it. The series “Aani Kay Hava” was first introduced to the watchers in the year 2019, the day of its release the series has become one of the favorites for many throughout the world.

Aani Kay Hava Season 3 Review

Aani Kay Hava Season 3 Review

Even the IMDB giving a high rating to the series which is 8.9 out of 10. This series is in the Marathi language which narrates the story of husband and wife and the up and downs that come in their wedding are present in a light-hearted and humorous, romantic comedy. So now the main question is how can fans watch it and when it is releasing or on which platform it’s streaming. Let’s find out together

How the Fans Can Watch The 3rd Season Of “Aani Kay Hava”

The watchers of India can watch the 3rd season of Aani Kay Hava on the popular streaming platform “MX Player”. The best thing about this platform is that anyone can watch this series for free here as this app is a particularly unpaid subscription app which means it is free of cost to watch, but one thing that needs to remember is that access to this site is only provided in particular selected regions.

Apart from MX Player, this series is also available on the other sites but the series officially releases its 3rd season of Aani Kay Hava on MX Player. On the other hand, to watch the series if it is not available in your region the viewers can use a VPN tool. The viewers can watch the rest of the 2 seasons on MX Player who yet not watch it.

The Storyline Of The 3rd Season Of “Aani Kay Hava”

The first season covered the story of a newlywed couple settling into their thrilling new marriage, whereas the 2nd season covered the couple was celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary now it is interesting to watch what next is going to happen in the 3rd season. In the 3rd season, it will show Priya Bapat and Umesh Kant are reprising their roles as husband and wife who are celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary.

The trailer, it is giving the hint that both become the parents of their first child in this forthcoming season. The series deals with the issues which usually couples have like keeping marriage exciting, how need to balance their work-life, and the problems they are facing during the lockdown.

Release Date of The 3rd Season of “Aani Kay Hava”

The series is releasing on Friday, 6th August 2021 only on MX players. The viewers can enjoy the series there and share their comments in the comment box. The Genre of the series is  Romance and Drama and the director of the series is Varun Narvekar.

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