Aami AD Rhonda And Ketut: A delightful news for the fans of Rhonda and Ketut who are keenly waiting so long to watch these TV lovebirds on the television screen once again. Now finally there wait is over this TV romance icon is returning on the screens after a 7-year interval and they also have an important message for Australians. It has been around a decade since their steamy Balinese romance seized our hearts. The loved-up couple whose romance over a series of AAMI ads concluded happily in the year 2014 will be back this weekend as the insurance firm mounts a vaccination push.

Aami AD Rhonda And Ketut

Aami AD Rhonda And Ketut

AAMI gives a statement in which they stated that “Ketut and Rhonda, the iconic lovebird is known for their Balinese love story, sunglass tans, “adorable brake feet” and affection for safe driving has taken a break from the screens of Australian TV for almost a decade in order to raise their 3 children away from the prying eyes of the media.”

They further added, “Their return to television screens is in the national interest -in order to encourage their fellow Aussies to roll up their shirts or T-Shirts sleeves and “vax up”. This special TV commercial is due to be telecast on Saturday. Ketut and Rhonda-played by actors Kadek Mahardika and Mandy McElhinney will join AAMI’s current stable of stars, including the Queens of Broken Heel and Keith and the always helpful AAMI representatives for the campaign.

Aami AD Rhonda And Ketut

The chief executive of insurance at AAMI owner Suncorp, Lisa Harrison stated the new ads aligned with the role of brands in supporting communities to get back on their feet. “We realize the significant impact of COVID-19 continues to have on our customers, our people and our communities, which is why we strongly support the need for a rapid, safe, efficient and effective vaccination strategy for the country Australia.

“It is also why we have launched our own call to arms campaign proactively reassuring Australians to take action, as getting vaccinated is our ticket to a more “normal” existence and getting back to doing what we love to do.”

Now the fans are super excited to watch their favorite couple once again on the television screens and hopefully their message will inspire Australians. Stay connected with us for more such updates and we will get back to you with new news till then read our further articles.


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