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Aakar Patel: Family, Biography, Age, Parents, Wife, Net Worth


Aakar Patel: Family, Biography, Age, Parents, Wife, Net Worth: Aakar Patel is one of the best and most renowned personalities. He was known for his great work and have experience in business for over a decade. Recently, news has been come out that CBI has raided on Amnesty International India office owing to a foreign exchange contravention case. He alleged on this Wednesday morning. Officials have issued a warrant against him in which he can’t go outside of India or can’t go to any part of the world until the matter was not resolved. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Aakar Patel

Aakar Patel Family

In the Amnesty office, 15 CBI officers have visited and they arrested him and put him in jail for doing the foreign exchange contravention we mentioned above. Now the officers will interrogate him and search his house, his office, and interrogate his employees, his guard, and his friends to know whether they were aware of his actions or not. Or anyone will know whether he was dealing in the foreign exchange earlier or not. After researching and talking to so many people, nothing was coming out. Officers also looked into his past history and go through some of his personal files and contacts but it seems like his past history was clear and he well managed it.

Aakar Patel: Biography, Age, Parents, Wife, Net Worth

He hides the evidence and clues in this way that no one will reach them. But after all, every criminal made some mistakes and he did that too. They found out that In 2018 Aakar Patel’s office was in the connection with the alleged violation of foreign direct investment norms and rules. These were linked to an earlier case of the revocation of the Foreign Contribution Regulations Act, the FCRA license from the NGO by the Home Ministry in the year 2010.

On April 6, 2022, Aakar Patel has to go from Boston to Bengaluru by air. He was going for some work and meeting some businessmen to expand his business. But unfortunately, the immigration officials stopped him and his flight was gone. The immigration department says you are here because CBI was looking at you in the case of foreign exchange contravention. You will not go anywhere until the CBI does not come. He stated that he is not aware. Those allegations were totally false and he didn’t do anything wrong with somebody. I am already late and will miss my flight if I wasted two to three minutes more.

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