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A421 Accident Updates: Bedford Towards M1 Is Closed Due To Earlier Incident


A421 Accident Updates: Bedford Towards M1 Is Closed Due To Earlier Incident: There has been an accident recently at the A421 eastbound carriageway from Marston Moretaine which is towards the M1, it seems to be closed currently because of ht tragic accident, it seems like the road is going to be requiring resurfacing due to the earlier incident.

A421 Accident Updates

A421 Accident Updates

This is going to take a couple of hours so it has been advised by the authorities to find an alternative route, this is for all of the motorists who are going to be traveling on the road at the time when the road is going to be closed. It is a busy road between Bedford and Milton Keynes who is following up two accidents dating to 26th August on Thursday.

It has been stated by one of the Rescue Service and Bedfordshire fire that Kempston and Bedford crew are going to be in attendance with Bedfordshire police and also there is going to be an ambulance on the A421 at Marston Moretaine. It has been further stated by the authorities, the road is closed, try avoiding the area and expecting delays is something you should be ready for.

Both of the incidents are being taken care of by the Bedfordshire police as they are working on the scenes to clear the area for traffic as quickly as possible, there is a diversion in operation which people can take in order to avoid too many delays. It seems like there is not much on the whole scenario as of now.

This seems to be a developing story and there are so many details that are missing as of this point in time, it has not been identified if there is drink and drive involved in the cases, are these cases connected or not, the identities of the people who were involved in the accidents, there is no information about the injuries if there are any and the nature of the accident is still now known by the public.

There are many details that are going to be released in the public domain as this is a developing story and there are going to be new revelations about the case as the investigation heads on and we are going to be on our toes to update you about the whole scenario as soon as something comes under our radar.

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