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A299 Accident Today: 1 Dead In Crash With Skip Loader Truck On A299


There has been a major accident which has taken place as a major road has been closed off after there has been a crashing which involves a car and a lorry. It is being stated A299 was shut down from both of the directions which are between St Nicholas-at-Wade and Herne Bay which happened after the accident took place at 1:45 pm dating to today. Police were called immediately to the scene, they were called along with the fire services and an ambulance, it seems like the carriageway which is London bound is going to be reopened.

A299 Accident Today

A299 Accident Today

It seems like as of 8:30 pm, the eastbound lanes are going to have remained closed, there has been a statement which has been given by the spokesperson of the Police, they were called after a collision between a car and a lorry which is at the eastbound carriageway. the carriageway is at the A299 which is between St-Nicholas-at-Wade and Herne Bay. the eastbound is going to be remained closed until the incident goes through a proper investigation, it is being advised by the authorities to the citizens to opt for a different route from wherever it is possible.

There are many details about the incident which have not yet been revealed by the authorities as the accident has taken place just now and it seems like the incident is going to be investigated the property and then there are going to be some answers which are going to clear up many things. The details about the names of the people who were involved in the crash, details about what caused the accident to happen, details about the family of the deceased if there are any, and also about if there was drink and drive involved in the case.

A299 Accident Today

These questions will be answered by the authorities in no time as the investigation is going on. We hope whoever is involved in the incident is safe and sound. Car accidents have become pretty common and people need to understand, small distractions can be a cause of brutal and life-ending accidents so it is always better to drive safe as it is not only about your life but also the people who are out there driving cars and bikes and walking streets.

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