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7 Critical Things That You May Not Know About Your AC


Air conditions are one of the most commonly used home appliances, especially during extreme summer seasons. Over the years, ACs have undergone a major transformation and evolved significantly. Technological innovations and upgrades have helped increase the efficiency and cooling capacity of the air conditioners. The latest air conditioners even have a sensor and smart technologies and are equipped with multiple modern features.

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These features make it an ideal choice and are one of the reasons behind the increase in the sale of the Air conditioners. The manufacturer may provide you with a list of technical specifications and features. However, there are still some interesting facts that you may not know about your AC. Here, we have enlisted some critical and interesting things that you may not know about your air conditioner.

Things you may not know about your AC

  1. The Energy Efficiency of AC may change

One should note that the energy efficiency of ACs may change over time and years. The energy efficiency of an air conditioner is often calculated in terms of the Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio standard or ISEER. It is a simple calculation and ratio of CSTL (Cooling Seasonal Total Load) to CSEC (Cooling Seasonal Energy Consumption). In simpler words, we can say that efficiency is the ratio of the amount of heat that the AC can turn to the amount of energy it consumes. Therefore, even the 4-star AC may not behave efficiently like a 4-star AC after years. The energy capacity may change and reduce after a few years.

  1. Low temperature doesn’t imply better cooling

It is one of the most critical aspects that one should pay attention to. Most of us often assume that a low-temperature setting would lead to higher and more efficient cooling capacity. However, you should avoid reducing the temperature below the optimum level that the body can tolerate, i.e., 24-degrees.

  1. Keeping air conditioners away from direct sunlight

Another interesting thing you should note here is that keeping the air conditioners away from the sunlight can help boost their efficiency. Therefore, you should consider using a protective cover or keeping it under the shape to increase its cooling efficiency. It will prevent overheating issues and will cool the room faster. However, when the AC is exposed directly to sunlight, it may be hot already. This can be time-consuming and may take longer for AC to function. Thereby, it may take longer to cool and the efficiency may also reduce. Keeping it away from direct sunlight could, however, be beneficial for you.

  1. Dirty filters can take a load on electricity bills

ACs these days have filters for dust, bacteria, and various other things. However, when the filters are not clean, the efficiency may be impacted. It is necessary to clean the filters as dirty filters can obstruct the air intake. Dirty filters can impact the cooling efficiency and this may increase the load on electricity bills. Therefore, you should clean the filters for a duration of two weeks. It will also ensure better airflow and cooling.

  1. ACs don’t require service

Many manufacturers often offer the claim that the AC will last for years and will not require any service. However, this is never the reality and your AC will require service regularly. You should opt for regular servicing of your air conditioners in order to maintain their health and keep them in ideal condition. Even if your air conditioner is not used for a certain point in time, then you should get them serviced. Regular servicing will even increase the cooling efficiency and help with the energy bills.

  1. Inverter AC technology has nothing to do with battery inverters

Inverter AC technology is one of the latest inventions which helps in regulating the speed of the air conditioner in case of irregular power supply. The best thing is that inverter ACs even consume less power and are environment-friendly. It is necessary to understand that both inverter and non-inverter conventional ACs run on a battery inverter. The batteries provide sufficient power and load. However, it is not like the inverter ACs can function without batteries or battery inverters. One must keep this aspect in mind when looking for air conditioners.

  1. Stabilizer-free Air conditioners don’t eliminate the need for stabilizer

Many manufacturers and companies often advertise the ACs as stabilizer-free conditioners. However, one should note that a stabilizer-free air conditioner doesn’t eliminate the need for a stabilizer. You may require a stabilizer to ensure that the air conditioner gets a constant voltage supply during power fluctuations. Stabilizers will ensure that the air conditioners are operating efficiently even during critical situations. It will ensure that the power fluctuation doesn’t cause any harm to your air conditioner. If you live in an area where there are regular power fluctuations, then you should consider investing in a voltage stabilizer to increase the life of your air conditioner.

These are some of the critical and noteworthy things that you must know about your AC. However, every manufacturer and model is different and equipped with different features. Therefore, we would suggest you check the specifications of the model and learn more from the manufacturer.

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