No student would sail off to college without any gadgets whatsoever these days, right? After all, you can’t get any homework done without a laptop (or at least a tablet), and not having a smartphone isn’t an option either. But those aren’t the only devices you might need to take with you to college. Other tools will come in handy, whether they’re for homework or leisure. Want to make sure you’ll have everything you need for your student life to go smoothly? Here’s a list of 7 Apple gadgets that you should add to your suitcase.

7 Best Apple Gadgets to Take to College

  1. iPad Air 4 ($599/$729)

A tablet is typically the go-to choice for students, understandably so. Any tablet is lighter than even the thinnest laptops. This is a great place you can store anything in. You need all of your homework in one place. No one has time to look for an assignment in multiple locations.

What if you save a task on some other device? You can miss the deadline with how many projects you need to do. In this case, you can look upon your tablet do my homework by EssayPro right there and then. By keeping access to all your textbooks and assignments on one device, you get everything was done faster and tress-free.

Which particular iPad model should you choose? iPad Air 4 will give you the best overall value for the price tag. Here’s a quick overview of its most outstanding characteristics:

  1. It’s compact (9.74 x 7.02 x 0.24 in) and lightweight (1.0 pound);
  2. Its 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display makes for deep and vibrant colors;
  3. A14 Bionic chip boost this iPad’s performance to a new level;
  4. You can connect the Magic Keyboard to it.

The pricing depends on the connectivity options:

  • iPad Air 4 with only Wi-Fi will cost you $599;
  • Wi-Fi + Cellular comes with a higher price tag ($729).
  1. Apple Pencil 2 ($129).

If you’re into handwriting all of your notes, but not so much into carrying a bunch of notebooks around, you should consider investing in Apple Pencil. It’ll replace your regular pen while you jot down any information on your tablet. And yes, it’s compatible with iPad Air 4.

Compared to its predecessor, Apple Pencil 1, the new model comes with several upgrades:

  • It’s designed not to roll away on any flat surface;
  • It comes with magnetic caps, and they’re a lot harder to lose;
  • There’s one more shortcut button on the pen;
  • You can clamp the Pencil to your iPad to charge it.
  1. MacBook Air M1 ($999/$1,249)

Sometimes, a tablet just doesn’t cut it. If you have big tasks that require a powerful processor, you need to start thinking about a laptop. This is where MacBook Air comes in as your best option. Here’s why:

  1. It’s a lightweight (2.8 pounds) laptop with a 13” display that’s just 0.63 inches thin– you’ll barely feel it in your backpack;
  2. Its processing power will be enough for more than just surfing the web and using office suite apps, all thanks to the highly appraised M1 chip;
  3. Minimum storage included is enough for college tasks, but you can expand it to up to 2Tb;
  4. It’s a more affordable model, compared to previous years’ MacBook Airs—and it matches the performance of other manufacturers’ products in the same price range.

The latest generation of MacBook Air comes in two versions:

  • with a 7-core GPU with 256Gb SSD storage costs $999;
  • with an 8-core GPU with 512Gb SSD storage costs $1,249.
  1. Magic Mouse 2 ($79)

A touchpad is great and all, but having a mouse is unbeatable. It’ll be a lifesaver whenever you need to edit your essays or browse the web.

Enter Magic Mouse, Apple’s own wireless mouse. The first undeniable advantage of this particular mouse is how long its rechargeable battery lasts. Once you charge it, you can go on without plugging it in again for about a month.

What’s more, it’s not just your MacBook you can connect the Magic Mouse to. It works with an iPad as well!

  1. iPhone 12 ($599/$649/$749)

As mentioned before, you can’t have a life without a smartphone these days. And if you need an upgrade for your current one, consider the iPhone 12. It has all the features the modern smartphone should have and is reliable. Any app you may need for studying or just for fun is in the App Store.

Why not iPhone 13, you might wonder? Well, you can choose the latest model if you want, but be prepared to pay $100 more. It is up to you to decide whether you will need it. The only significant tradeoff is the starter storage space: the basic iPhone 12 comes with 64Gb, while its successor’s lineup starts with 128Gb.

If you upgrade from an older smartphone, here’s what you can enjoy in iPhone 12:

  • The advanced A14 Bionic chip makes the device’s performance fast and smooth;
  • OLED screen boosts the colors and prolongs battery life thanks to the lower electricity consumption;
  • It’s compatible with high-speed 5G networks;
  • Ceramic shield glass will protect your display from those nasty falls (just like on the iPhone 13).
  1. Apple Watch SE ($279/$309)

Any student is always on the move these days: commuting to the campus, walking from one classroom to another, or running around the school. A smartwatch can help you keep track of your physical activity. 

It has the added perks of letting you stay connected to your phone even without it in your hand. Manage playlists, use Apple Pay, ask Siri questions—all of this is possible without taking your iPhone out of the pocket!

Here are 3 reasons Apple Watch SE is a great match for students:

  • It’s an affordable smartwatch model that doesn’t compromise on performance, features, or quality;
  • It comes with accurate sensors that track your heart rate and your workout stats (distance, elevation, speed, etc.);
  • It can replace your regular phone alarm with a gentle vibration on the wrist: you won’t wake up your roommates with that dreaded tune anymore.
  1. AirTag ($29; $99 for a 4 Pack)

There is a chance you’re one of those rare students that keep their room immaculately clean and organized. But if your current living space is hardly that, college isn’t going to change anything. In that case, getting an AirTag or two can be a real lifesaver.

AirTag is a relatively new invention—it was first manufactured in April 2021. They found their fans fast enough. After all, who wouldn’t want to never have to waste precious searching for their keys or wallet while running late?

All you need to do is put an AirTag on your keychain, in your backpack or wallet (or onto whatever item you often can’t find promptly). Voila! Its position will appear on the map in the Find My app on all of your Apple devices.

7 Best Apple Gadgets to Take to College

Did You Know that Apple Has Discounts for Students?

Yes, that’s right! Apple offers discounts for certain items to those newly or currently enrolled in a college (as well as their parents and college staff). For example, you can get the MacBook Air with 256Gb SSD storage for $899 instead of $999.

To browse the discounts, make sure to go to Apple’s Education Store. The range of products there is somewhat limited, though: you’ll find only laptops, computers, and tablets there. In other words, don’t expect to get a discount on your new smartphone or headphones.

Pro tip: if you’re looking to buy an iPhone, check different carriers’ offers. Companies like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile can give you a part of what you pay for the iPhone in the form of credits or offer discounts. At the moment of writing, Verizon offers up to 50% off iPhone 12, while T-Mobile gives $400-$1290 in credit for iPhone 12 or 13.

Final Thoughts

There’s a reason Apple has such a dedicated consumer base: you know that what you get for your money is top-notch quality. That’s why, if you haven’t had any Apple gadget in the past, trust this: the price tag is worth it. And if you have, there’s no need to convince you—you already know that it’s true.


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