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6th Annual Vijay Television Awards Live Update 14th March 2021 Episode


Keep the level of your excitement to watch your favorite stars of Vijay Tv together at one place as the 6th Annual Vijay Tv Award is going to be telecasted on April 11, 2021. The award night is gonna be filled with lots of entertainment, glamour, laughter, and glitz. The award night of Vijay Television is a huge and grand celebration night for Vijay TV celebrities or stars every single year. The audience e is excited after getting the update of the Award show broadcasting.

6th Annual Vijay Television Awards

6th Annual Vijay Television Awards Live Update


The audience and the fans of the Vijay Tv sars are going to see them together on award night. Also, the audience is excited to know for which title their favorite star will be going to be awarded. The first show will be going to take place on 14 March 2021, which is on Parivattam. And the show will be telecasted every Sunday till the Annual Award night at 3:00 pm. The next event would be hosted by Enga Veetu Mahalakshmi on 21 March 2021.

While on 28 March 2021, the event will be taken by Enhga Area Ulla Varaatha. And on 4th April by Varuthappadatha Vaalibar Sangam. And on 6Th April it is Annual Vijay Television Awards. The telecast timing of the events is 3:00 Pm. In today’s episode, we will gonna witness four serial families that are popular amongst the rest of the serials of the channel. Here is the list of Pandian Store, Bhagaylakshmi, Bharathi Kannamma which are seen playing exciting challenges.

6th Annual Vijay Television Awards 14th March 2021

And it will be loaded with full of entertainment. While the hilarious sequences in the event will continue which ‘tries to make the audience connected to the show. And the families are gonna give their best to win the title “Parivattam”. It is gonna be a fun episode and participants are also going to enjoy the challenges. As per the sources, The 6th Annual Vijay Television is going to be host by beloved actors DD and MA ka Pa Anand.

The award night is gonna be of 6 hours, and there are 30 categories of the awards. It consists of colorful acts, dance performances, singing performances, and comical reactions. The award night is looking like a colorful festival celebration is going on. Let’s know some of the award categories this year such as Best hero, Best Heroins, Best Son, Best Daughter, Best daughter in law, the Best sister in law, Best son in law, and many more to see in the upcoming award night.

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