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5G Test Bed Set Up At Military Institute In MP


Recently there is a big piece of news circulating on the internet and going viral on social media platforms and all the news sources, the news is trending on the internet, and the news is related to the technology and innovation as after this coved 19 pandemic huge changes are taking place in the field of science and technology, artificial intelligence, innovation and modification of technology, and many new aspects of technology are coming in use which is faster, more efficient and powerful than the previous technologies and in the same race there is an introduction of 5G system which is faster and stronger than its previous versions, and not it will be a part of the Indian defense system and will be used by Indian army continue reading below for full details on this recent release. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

5G technology

Indian army will support this innovation and will adopt it. the Indian military is going to help as an MOU is signed according to which the Indian army military college of telecommunication engineering MCTE is collaborating with the Indian Institute of Technology IIT, Madras, to provide for the test of  5G technology to adopt and help army personnel use this technology in the military operations and it is hoped that the new system will be providing impenetrable defense for the  system, devices, and equipment, also and provide AI-supported algorithms for the changing environment the defense forces are also taking part now as the older warfare tactics are being known to everyone,

These days new threats to the security of the population are coming with more potential damage and also the enemy countries are indulging in the development of new terror machines and technology to counter that India’s defense forces are on their toes and advancing in the areas where they are lagging previously, and supporting the new innovations as the Indian government is  working for India to become a self-sufficient under the scheme ATAM NIRBHAR BHARAT,  in accordance to this the Indian army is also participating and came  with the latest announcement on 5G as Indian military will take part as providing as the facility to test the 5G project at its premises in the Indian Military Engineering Collage, as the information on this is kept secret for the security concerns only little is released,

It is said that this 5G technology will help military forces in their operation and the army personnel will be taught to understand and use this technology in various border security operations as India is surrounded by different geographic fronts like mountains, sea, desert, plains, air, and space, both signed this MOU as it will  provide impenetrable defense for the country security  for its system, devices, and equipment that will also provide an AI-supported algorithms software to  enhancing armed forces capabilities,

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