Who Is Sabrina Caldwell, All About 48 Hours Russian Girl Adopted: Sabrina Caldwell has been hitting the headlines again nowadays. Yes, you read it right that Sabrina Caldwell, who was accused of attempting to kill her brother earlier. She is now again getting much attention from the netizens. Earlier, she made the headlines for the attempt to murder her younger brother. Now, several people wondering where is she now? Many people have known what happened in the past but some are seeking the details to know the whole matter and also about Sabrina Caldwell. Through this article, we are going to give you all the details about Sabrina Caldwell and the matter. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Who Is Sabrina Caldwell?

As per the sources, an American couple adopted a Russian child over 20 years ago, who is now returned to Moscow after her parents claimed that she tried to kill her younger brother. The American couple Crystal and Jesse were young at that time when they adopted a Russian who is none other than Sabrina Caldwell. Yes, Jesse and Crystal were all set to increase their family in 1997 by adopting Sabrina, but they didn’t know that this girl would become a danger to their son. It was very shocking for them when they got to know that Sabrina attempted to kill her younger brother.

Sabrina Caldwell

48 Hours Russian Girl Adopted

The couple decided to adopt a child after so many years of trying to conceive independently. Later, they got to know about the website named Russian adoption agency where they saw a picture of 9 years old girl which is of Sabrina Caldwell. They adopted her in 1997. Today, Sabrina Caldwell is a Russian woman who was adopted by an American couple. She later returned to Moscow when her parents said that she tried to kill her younger brother. She is now 33 years old and is a married woman who has four children. Her parents also tried to get in touch with her but in vain.

Russian Girl Adopted

Sabrina Caldwell

She was in a mental hospital for around 2 months and then Nina Kostina took her to the US where Sabrina was adopted by a new family in northern California in 2002. She lived there for a very short time after completing high school. In 2010, she returned to northern California where she started working in a hospital.

For the first time, she met her husband, Phil Caldwell at church. He was a fifth-grade teacher. In 2014, the couple tied the knot and had three children. After her husband’s retirement as a teacher, he started working at the same hospital as his wife. In 2008, she volunteered with the non-profit Mercy Ships where she served for 2 years giving medical care to poor people in Africa.


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