Home News 3 People Falling To Their Death at Kabul Airport: VIDEO

3 People Falling To Their Death at Kabul Airport: VIDEO


There has been an unusual and horrific case that has taken the lives of seven people as a chaotic incident took place at the Kabul airport as there were evacuations that were being made but it had to be put to a halt. It was stated by the president Mr. Ghani, he left from there to avoid the bloodshed and it seems like people are criticizing the US allies as they have failed miserably to evacuate the citizens.

People Falling To Their Death

People Falling To Their Death Video

There were thousands of people who were desperate enough to leave Afghanistan and the people overcrowded the airport as they were trying to escape Afghanistan, on Monday Taliban decided to seize the capital as they wanted the US military to suspend the evacuation as the United States have come under a lot of criticism.

People were desperate to leave the place and were clinging to the plane in order to not miss out on a chance of escaping, people were clinging to a plane of the US Military and it can be clearly seen on social media as there are several videos which are being watched by many. It has been stated by the US military officials that the chaos which took place at the Kabul airport has been the reason for the death of 7 people, some people died as they fell off from transporting the jet of the American military.

It has been stated by the officials who have spoken on the condition of anonymity as they were not authorized to speak about the ongoing operations, the disputes between Taliban and America which have been going on for god knows how many years, it has cost us about, it has cost them billions of dollars as of this point. President has been defending his position of pulling out, which has been the reason for ending the longest war, it has also been argued, Afghan forces are going to be fighting back against the Taliban.

It has been stated by Lindsey Graham who is a Republican senator, if the president thinks his decision is perfectly fine and if he has no regrets about his decision to pull out, then he is pretty disconnected from the reality which is going on in Afghanistan. also, Jim Banks who is the Republican Representative, who is also a member of the house armed services, told to Fox News, Biden needs to explain his actions to all of the people in America.

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