Here is an update in the recent case that happened in Kanpur. Everyone is aware of the killing of 8 policemen, including a Deputy Superintendent of Police. The department went to raid the house of one of the most notorious criminal Vikas Dubey who was charged in 60 criminal cases which included murders.

The criminal Vikas Dubey has been missing since the incident took place. It is suspected that the wanted criminal has escaped the state since the massacre. A bounty of Rs 2.5 lakh has been placed on Vikas Dubey. Earlier the bounty was from Rs.50,000 to 1lakh. but it has been increased to 2.5 lakhs now. He was arrested earlier for several cases but has always escaped conviction. The picture of Dubey has been placed on every check post near the India- Nepal Border. Last he was traced to Auraiya and the police suspect that he has escaped to Madhya Pradesh or Rajasthan.

Four policemen have been suspended who was suspected of tipping off Dubey about the teams heading to Dubey’s house for raiding and arresting him. There are three more policemen under allegations who are supposed to be in regular contact with Dubey as suspected by the authorities in Uttar Pradesh.

Senior Superintendent of police, Dinesh Kumar P told the media that inspectors Kunwar Pal, KK Sharma, and a constable Rajeev of Chaubeypur police station are among those who have been suspended. According to the reports, the roles of this police have been confirmed. This confirmation came after the in-house investigation conducted by the force. Their call records were traced before the decision of suspending them was taken. They will be terminated from the force soon as the process has already been started. They are also accused of leaking the information about the raid to Dubey.

One of Dubey’s aide named Daya Shankar Agnihotri who has already been arrested told the police that they had an informant in the department. He was the one who called and told Dubey about the raid and helped him escape and plan the attack. Agnihotri was also a part of the gang and he is suspected of laying the trap for the police team approaching for the raid at Dubey’s house. The incident took place in Kanpur Dehat’s Bikru Village. The speculations are made because, in one of the police stations in Chaubeypur which is about 14km from Bikru, a murder case was filed against Dubey by a villager.

SO Vinay Tiwari was suspended from Chaubeypur’s station and was shifted to Lucknow. Before shifting he was questioned by the police for nine hours over his role in leaking information about the raid. The nature of allegations against him is yet not clear. According to the reports, 30 policemen are under investigation for their links with the 48-year-old gangster.

Dubey is a most wanted criminal and his criminal records date back to 1993. Since then he has been backed by police and has full support from them. They have even helped him in escaping several cases of murder, attempted murder, and abduction.

Inspector of General of Police, Mohit Agarwal, also told the media that at least three policemen were suspected to be in touch with Dubey and that an investigation was underway. He also claimed that those involved will be terminated and they will face a criminal trial.

A manhunt is being carried on a massive scale. An alert has been initiated in all 75 districts of the state for the arrest of Dubey. Hopefully, the police find him soon and he should get the punishment he deserves for committing all the crimes.



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