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25 Coronavirus Patients Dies At Delhi Hospital Due To Lack of Oxygen


It seems like New Delhi is going through a really bad crisis as the situation with the oxygen supply is really terrible and everyday people are dying because of the oxygen unavailability and this is just not acceptable that it is getting difficult for the capital city of India to arrange oxygen for the people, and it is happening after the CM of the state pleaded in front of millions on a live debate in front of the PM of the country.

Delhi Hospital

The situation seems to be getting out of hands and if something doesn’t work out then many of the people living in Delhi are in big danger as a new incident has taken place in the Jaipur Golden Hospital where 25 people have lost their lives because of the shortage of the medical oxygen that is just not available in the hospitals in Delhi which is becoming a big concern for the citizens of the state if this keeps on going then people will avoid going to hospitals which will be more of an issue for the state.

The medical director of Jaipur Golden Hospital has stated that they have been allotted about 3.5 metric tonnes of oxygen from the government and further stated that the oxygen had to come by 5:00 pm in the evening but it reached at midnight because of which 25 patients have lost their lives. He also stated that about 215 patients that are currently in the hospital are in a critical condition and are in severe need of oxygen tankers and now the hospital has gone to the Delhi High Court for the help that is needed by the hospital at this point as the doctors are helpless in a situation like this and it is just wrong.

When people are blaming doctors for such a thing so the situation really needs to be tackled as soon as possible, it is the second hospital that has approached the Delhi High Court and it seems like many other hospitals are in line for such a drastic step as hospitals are feeling helpless at this point and they really need the governments to help. Even the moorland hospitals have come out with the statement that they have 135 patients who are in critical condition and oxygen supply is not enough considering the number of critical patients, they tweeted this to the officials and is now not admitting patients until the issue gets solved.

The Delhi High Court has given strict instructions to the center as the court has stated that the center needs to follow the rules and regulations and need to provide the oxygen supply which is required by the state. They have written specifically and I quote “beg to borrow or steal” as they are warning the center that all hell will break loose if the situation doesn’t get better.

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