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22Q: Who Is Justin G, Why is #StayStrongJustin Trending On Twitter? Trend Meaning Explained


22Q: Who Is Justin G, Why is #StayStrongJustin Trending On Twitter? Trend Meaning Explained: One of the most popular and renowned social media influencers is hitting the internet nowadays. Yes, you read it right we are talking about Justin G who is currently from 22Q syndrome. Since he has been diagnosed with the disease, he is raising awareness for 22Q. The hashtag #StayStrongJustin has been trending on Twitter. All his fans and admirers are praying for his speedy recovery. The news of his health has been circulating on the Internet and getting much attention from social media users. Many people have been seeking details more details about the influencer. So here, we have brought all the needed details about him and his health. Follow More Update OnΒ GetIndiaNews.com

Justin G

Who Is Justin G?

Justin G is a famous and established social media influencer. He has mainly gained recognition on social media where he has a massive fan following. Right now, all his followers and admirers are showing their concern towards the influencer after knowing about his health condition. Justin G is suffering from 22Q syndrome. His followers are praying to God for his recovery. 22Q or 2 Deletion Syndrome is a disorder that happens because of a small missing piece of the 22nd chromosome, as per the 22qfamilyfoundation.

On 24 November 2021, Justin G took Twitter to update his fans with his health state. He shared a picture of himself with the caption, “In the Emergency Room Tonight possibly due to a possible seizure I’d love to get tons of prayers from everyone all over the world using the hashtag #StayStrongJustin it makes me feel so much better #22qStrong.”

Why is #StayStrongJustin Trending On Twitter?

This 22Q disorder can affect every system in the human body. As per his Twitter bio,Β  the influencer, Justin G is spreading awareness for 22Q. Many netizens have been reacting to his tweet and sending messages of the speedy recovery. Several influential has also shared their tweet including Mariah Carey and Ellen.

Justin himself has started the hashtag #staystrongjustin. Currently, he is admitted to the hospital due to some possible seizures.Β  He started the hashtag on 24 November and also asked his followers to continue this hashtag. He did this so that he can get more and more prayers. He asked his followers to keep praying for him. Many netizens are using the hashtag and sending their prayers to him. People are expressing their love and affection for Justin. As per the sources, no serious problems have been detected yet. We hope that he will be alright soon. Stay tuned with us for more updates.



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