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220 Million Year Old Dinosaur Footprint Discovered By 4-year-old Girl At Wales Beach


A new chapter has been added in the history of dinosaurs who might have lived on the earth millions of years ago. A 4-year-old girl, Lily suddenly discovered a 220 million old footprint of a dinosaur, when she was strolling on the beach with her father. The National Museum of Wales has declared the impression as the finest impression ever found in Britain over a decade. This discovery of Lily has made the way easier for paleontologists to discover the physical aspects of creatures that existed a long time ago.

220 Million Year Old Dinosaur Footprint

Lily Wilder was on the beach located near Barry in South Wales. She started strolling with her father and suddenly her eyes fell upon an impression made on a rock that made both of them think over it and report it to the learned ones. This was an impression of a footmark that was nearly 10cm long. The impression had been judged as to be the foot impression of a 75cm ‘slender animal’. The creature might have walked on the floor and ate little insects. A picture of the footprint has also been shared by the Wales Museum in which we can clearly identify three toes.

After this discovery, the authorities got permission for Natural Resources Wales. The footprint will be removed from its original place now because it will now be kept preserved in the National Museum Cardiff. There is a plan for the derivation of the impression from the beach this week. There will be a continued further study about the fossil.

The wales museum has also claimed that this fossil will help the scientist in exploring what actual body structure this creature had had. The impression clearly shows the pads and claw which will make the study easier. Scientists have already discovered more than a thousand fossils that significantly indicate the lives of dinosaurs and other such creatures on the earth. Though, this new fossil is about a smaller creature that might be completely different from the other dinosaurs. Scientists are also astonished about the fact that how this fossil preserved its existence for such an extraordinary period of time.

There have been executed more than a hundred board-level discoveries about the life of ancient creatures on the earth but there is still a lot to be explored yet. This discovery by Lily will certainly disclose some more secrets and this exploration will continue.

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