16-year-old Boy Killed Mother For PUBG: Recently the news is coming, an obituary piece of news it is. as these days kids become attached to video games so much that they can sacrifice anything for them. this same incident took place when a boy pulled the trigger on his mother, as the boy is addicted to the video games and eventually the boy end up killing his mother for PUBG, a social media open platform where people can join worldwide and play as rivels, and this game is trending on the internet and this is a mobile game which can work over any android iso device, and children are crazy for such games, you will find details below of the case. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

boy killed mother for pubg

this is an incident in India, the state of Uttar Pradesh, the city of Lucknow. where a boy killed his mother because his mother was stopping the boy to play the mobile video game PUBG, the boy of age 16 years, killed his mother and kept her body hidden in the house in the same room for two days, local police revealed the details on Wednesday, the case is investigated by additional deputy commissioner of police Qasim Abidi, the incident took place in yamunapuram colony ate area which came under PGI police station,

As the incident took place in the house and his younger sister was also present and witnessed the incident but the boy threatened his sister, as she was only 9 years old not to tell anybody and used room freshener to cover the decomposition smell, but as the smell unbearable after some time finally, the boy tells his father about the incident, his father is an army(JCO) personal, who is posted in West Bengal,

The boy is addicted to the online games and got enraged after his mother stopped him from playing the boy shot his mother with a licensed gun and his father with a registered firearm, police recovered the weapon, and police also recovered the decomposed body on Tuesday night, and send it for postmortem and burial.

Minor boy shot his mother on Saturday night and took his sister to another room and locked the room. as the mother’s body lying on the floor till Tuesday, when the smell become unbearable he called his father and told about the incident his father called the neighbors who later informed the police, initially boy framed a story but later revealed the fact.


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